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Curious about future cars? It's all in car ads!

[Mobility Inside] #28 Curious about future cars? It's all in car ads!

[Mobility Inside] #28 Curious about future cars? It's all in car ads!

Autonomous driving, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud, 5G. The ensemble of these cutting-edge technologies is the automobile of the future. LG Electronics VS (Vehicle components Solutions) business division is running today for a new customer experience that can be enjoyed in automobiles. Meet the future automobile world, 『Mobility Inside』, experienced by senior researcher Jeong Soon-in, a member of it.
What was the future car you imagined as a child? Most of the convenience functions we thought about, such as transforming the inside of a car into a movie theater or driving with hands free, are now feasible. What should future cars focus on to succeed? The secret is right in the ad. Advertising is, simply put, 'appealing' a product or service to the public. Today, we will take a look at the advertising trends in the global automobile industry and find out what is the key point and selling point of future cars.

1. See the car as a new entertainment space.

If you look at the advertisements of global premium car makers, they make you recognize the car as a space. For example, the driver portrays himself as if he is in first class on an airplane and shows him enjoying a comfortable seat. Furthermore, when the car becomes a large-capacity battery that can be used by connecting various electronic devices, a usage scene is presented first, and various hints are given on how to enjoy it. Through advertisements, 'how to use a real future car' is taught.
There are also advertisements that directly show changes in space rather than actions. A car transforms into a hobby space that I want, such as a comic book room, a DJ practice room, a movie theater, and a yoga room. Even in situations where it is difficult to move, such as on a rainy day, my car transforms into a space where I can achieve what I want. It shows the concentration of indoor fine dust in the space inside the car, which has become a yoga room, and emphasizes the advantage of being able to lie down perfectly with folding seats that unfold in a straight line when it becomes a movie theater. By creating a situation close to daily life like this, the car is proposed as a means of play and leisure rather than a simple means of transportation.

2. See cars as eco-friendly leaders.

A car is directly related to the lives of drivers and passengers, so 'safety' is an important keyword. However, there is a keyword that has recently emerged as important as safety. That's 'environment'. Car companies that put safety as their top priority started to deal with the socially hot topic of the environment in their advertisements. Creating an eco-friendly car with reduced carbon emissions is the ultimate 'safety' big picture.
Many automakers match 'eco-friendliness' with their strengths and make it a selling point. In particular, the competition is getting fiercer to catch the MZ generation, the main driver of future consumption. This is because the MZ generation considers social contribution or eco-friendliness when choosing products and services. The era in which so-called 'good companies' survive has arrived.

3. View it as an accessory to customize your car.

At CES 2022, a famous global premium automobile company introduced a technology that instantly changes the exterior color of a car through 'E-Ink', an electronic ink. At the time, only achromatic colors such as white and black were shown, but if it is expanded to a variety of colors later, I will be able to change the color of my car to a different color every day to suit my mood.

The technology to adjust the appearance of vehicles is becoming one of the undeniable future trends. This is because products and services that can be customized according to various situations and needs of individuals are gaining popularity in the era of hyper-personalization. Cars have also followed this trend and reached the point of changing the exterior color as well as internal displays and devices. Now, automobiles are actively demonstrating that they can be used as a means of transportation and as an accessory that expresses individuality.
Today, we took a look at what future cars are pursuing through various advertisements in a slightly different way. Now, don't you think any car you can imagine is feasible? Today, we are looking forward to the future car experience that technology that develops every year will provide. Readers, the next article will be more anticipated as it is the last December of 2022, right? We will see you with a wide smile.