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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology leading a new future

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology leading a new future

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology leading a new future

There are scenes that usually appear in science fiction films. A robot that communicates and empathizes with humans, a self-driving car that arrives at its destination after waking up, and home appliances that listen to commands and move. These scenes from the movie are no longer awkward. It hasn't happened in reality, but it's because it's on the verge of realization. And at the heart of these technological advances lies artificial intelligence.

Creating a smarter daily life with artificial intelligence

It has been 'machines' that have been responsible for the development of mankind for about 250 years since modernization. It has led to remarkable economic growth by replacing tasks that are difficult for humans to do or by quickly completing many tasks. However, the machine can only execute commands that have been entered in advance. These shortcomings are being compensated by the development of artificial intelligence. This is because artificial intelligence has the ability to learn from data and produce better results. As a result, the core of future technology is moving from machines to 'artificial intelligence'. And it permeates our daily lives.

Video platforms and shopping malls show content and products I like through artificial intelligence algorithms. In addition to navigation, which is an essential part of a vehicle, the artificial intelligence installed inside finds a quick route to the destination by considering traffic conditions and road information. In this way, artificial intelligence is making human life more convenient, and as technology develops, it will become more closely related to our lives.
Not only this. Artificial intelligence is pervasive across a variety of industries. Not only does it get things done quickly and efficiently, but it also lowers the barriers to entry in industries that require expertise. It is being used in various fields such as coding, which used to be the realm of programmers, design that requires artistic sense and training, and agriculture that is based on long experience and technology.
America's 'Microsoft (MS)' recently introduced a new technology that artificial intelligence replaces coding when you enter a written sentence as if you were talking. When a developer inputs “Find a product whose name starts with ‘Kids’”, the AI ​​directly writes the code using the ‘Filter’ function. An MS official also expressed his expectations for the technology, saying, "Citizen developers who do not know how to code will be able to easily create apps through natural language."
There are examples of using artificial intelligence in the design field as well. In particular, in the field of fashion, artificial intelligence not only analyzes users' styling and recommends items, but also designs clothes directly. Stitch Fix, an American fashion company, operates a service that selects and delivers clothes that customers will like based on information such as body information, brand, and occupation entered by customers. I also developed an algorithm that was made using this accumulated data to design clothes myself.
In the agricultural sector, 'Smart Farm', which combines artificial intelligence and IoT technology, is in the limelight. The Netherlands is a place that has overcome natural limitations with this smart farm. Farming in the Netherlands is not easy compared to other European countries due to frequent flooding of seawater and lack of sunlight.

These disadvantages were overcome through the 'Venlo greenhouse', that is, a glass greenhouse. This greenhouse has a high ceiling, so there is enough space for machines, so all agricultural work can be mechanized. In addition, through artificial intelligence, the production of agricultural products can be increased through automation, such as managing internal facilities and controlling temperature.
In addition, since 2019, the Netherlands has built a 'Food Valley' that has gathered more than 200 agri-food companies and technology research institutes, and is generously investing in the smart farm business. Food Valley, which is formed across 8 cities, houses not only research institutes but also global food companies. When agricultural technology is developed based on vast amounts of food data, it is immediately reflected in the food industry and shows good results. This is possible thanks to artificial intelligence technology that can analyze and organize vast amounts of data.

The future of LG Electronics seen through AI

In this way, artificial intelligence is deeply embedded in human life. LG Electronics designed an AI roadmap even before AI became a global trend. The development stages of AI were subdivided into four stages, and the criteria for technological development were defined. Based on this roadmap, we are responding quickly to changes. In particular, we are preparing for a new future by strengthening existing technologies, developing innovative technologies, and focusing on artificial intelligence.

Advancement of flagship home appliance business

Based on LG Electronics' artificial intelligence platform 'LG ThinQ', we are upgrading our main home appliance business. 'Proactive Customer Care', which has been applied since last year, is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to manage home appliances in optimal conditions. Through this, we are extending the lifespan of home appliances and introducing differentiated customer value.
In addition, to strengthen content competitiveness in the existing TV business, we have secured more than 50% of the shares in 'Alfonso', an American content data analysis company. This is to provide a variety of customized content to customers using LG TVs by utilizing Alfonso's AI technology. In addition to LG ThinQ, LG Electronics is expanding customer convenience by collaborating with various artificial intelligence services such as Naver Clova and Kakao i.

A collection of state-of-the-art technologies, bold investment in the automotive electric field business

LG Electronics not only strengthens home appliance AI services for individual customers through technology, but also boldly invests in the automotive electronics business, where automobiles are a collection of cutting-edge technologies. Artificial intelligence technology was applied to the field of 'infotainment (information + entertainment)', which has emerged as a trend in the automotive field. In-vehicle infotainment jointly developed with Jaguar Land Rover was selected as the SMARTBEST 2020, the smart product of the year, by Autobest, a European non-profit automobile review organization, and was recognized for its excellence.
In addition, LG Electronics is equipped with manufacturing technology not only for vehicle systems, but also for parts that build vehicles. It is possible to build motors and inverters, which are the core devices of an electric vehicle's power train (power transmission device). Based on this, we plan to establish a joint venture with Magna International, the world's third-largest auto parts maker, and lead the market.

Reinforcement of B2B business field

Among LG Electronics' solution businesses, 'hospital solution' is an area where innovative technology stands out. LG Electronics' core technologies are also applied to product groups such as hospital surgical, clinical, and diagnostic monitors and digital X-ray detectors. Through robot solutions equipped with artificial intelligence, self-driving robots take over simple delivery tasks in hospitals, allowing medical staff to focus on patient care.
In addition, it provides solutions optimized for each medical situation, such as telemedicine, imaging, reading, and surgery, and even builds an air conditioning and energy management system in the hospital to enhance patient convenience and medical stability. In this era of an increasingly aging population, this medical solution business is considered one of the most important businesses that will solidify the future of LG Electronics.

The future of LG Electronics as seen through cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence. The stories in sci-fi movies are no longer imaginary, but are unfolding in front of us as reality. Please look forward to LG Electronics' steps to open the future with artificial intelligence.