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A pleasant future cars brought about by 'In-Vehicle Experience' that stimulates the driver's five senses

A pleasant future brought about by 'In-Vehicle Experience' that stimulates the driver's five senses

A pleasant future cars brought about by 'In-Vehicle Experience' that stimulates the driver's five senses

Among the various electric vehicle (electrical device) business fields, 'AVN (Audio • Video • Navigation)' is a field that many companies are paying attention to as a core element of future car functions. The convenience and technology that drivers and vehicle users can directly feel comes from this AVN. In other words, it is safe to say that the level of AVN determines whether a finished car is premium. Today, I would like to talk about the AVN field, which is called one axis of future cars.

A class reunion after a long time, the focus is definitely on a friend who drove a new car

After graduating from college, a reunion was held while he was busy setting himself up in society. As this is the first class reunion, everyone attended with a lot of questions about how they lived and what they are doing now. Friend A, who was known as an early adopter in college, drove a new car. At the same time as everyone's attention, the reunion started to be filled with talk about cars.

Friends sitting together began asking questions about the features of A's new car. I was able to learn about various functions, such as autonomous driving function, a wide screen that connects from the instrument panel to the vehicle's central navigation at once, and vivid music. A praised the 'convenience' function rather than the driving performance of the car. To the extent that I feel as if I have bought a fancy IT device.

AVN, enjoy a new user experience

When purchasing a new car, we consider many things such as the vehicle's grade, use, color, and fuel economy. Recently, new functions and conveniences are also having a big impact. Various options and convenient services installed in automobiles show that vehicles are growing from a simple means of transportation to an IT product.

Just like smartphones, cars are getting better with in-vehicle displays and sound systems. AVN systems allow users to enjoy movies and music, play games and karaoke, and furthermore, use the Internet service for various purposes such as meetings and work, so the proportion of AVN systems will increase further.

Scalability and flexibility are expected to become more important in order to use integrated services through AVN, such as payment for vehicles in drive-thru and parking lots, and interworking of IT devices and auxiliary displays in vehicles.

LG Electronics with differentiated AVN

Drivers are physically and mentally fatigued because they are restricted in their actions while driving and must constantly focus on safety.

LG Electronics understands this customer experience and is preparing a differentiated AVN system that will complete a freer and more enjoyable driving lifestyle. We are focusing on in-vehicle facilities to provide a new driving experience.

1. A wider and more informative vehicle display

If there's one thing drivers can say about what helps them the most inside a car, it's definitely the display. It can be said that the display, which not only provides navigation but also music information and weather, is the center of the driving environment in the vehicle. It is indispensable to the driver because it intuitively delivers various information inside and outside the vehicle.

Currently, LG Electronics is supplying plastic OLED (P-OLED)-based infotainment systems to Mercedes-Benz. P-OLED has the characteristic of being able to bend and bend freely, so it was possible to realize the entire dashboard as a wide screen in the form of a curved surface. We applied differentiated technologies such as surface treatment of curved surfaces and display bonding. Intuitive touch interfaces, ultra-high resolution, and thin bezels provide a user experience of a different level.

In addition to this, LG Electronics has various types of display technology for vehicles, including transparent OLED that shows the back. It is expected that LG Electronics, which is leading OLED technology, will provide an in-vehicle experience in the automotive display field in the future.

2. AI voice recognition solution for vehicles, conveniently with only voice commands

There are many times when driving is uncomfortable because both hands are not free. If there is no passenger, even drinking water is not free, so sometimes you have to give up. As a driver, you've probably had the experience of not being able to use your hands for safety when it comes to controlling the vehicle.

In order to solve the inconvenience of these customers, LG Electronics focused on voice recognition. In terms of driver convenience and safety, the importance of voice recognition technology is increasing. To provide drivers with a convenient in-vehicle experience, LG Electronics signed an MOU with Soundhound, an American voice artificial intelligence company, and is accelerating the development of voice recognition solutions for vehicles.

3. Audio technology that moves the heart

If 'listening to music' is your hobby, an audio device with good sound quality is probably one of the most coveted things. There is still a difference in the performance of sound quality that can be achieved in the home audio device and in the car. As music is an important factor in determining the atmosphere, many people look forward to the day when they can experience high-quality sound quality in the car.

LG Electronics has collaborated with British audio company Meridian, such as a sound bar and wireless earphone 'LG Tone Free', to produce products with excellent audio performance. If this sound technology is applied to vehicles in the future, you will be able to feel the richer in-car experience.

What is LG Electronics' current position in the global AVN market?

LG Electronics' greatest strength in the AVN business is the customer experience it has built from home appliances. Based on the experience so far, design and technology considering user convenience are expected to bring outstanding results. In fact, LG Electronics is achieving results in the AVN business with 5G communication and various home appliance interlocking technologies. Last year, LG Electronics achieved a double-digit global market share in the AVN field six years after the start of the electric vehicle business. 

LG Electronics is working hard to develop better technology by working with various companies in the AVN field of the electric vehicle industry. In that sense, the LG Omnipod, which was unveiled earlier this year, has a great meaning. The LG OmniPod is a new concept future car that can be used as a home or office. Customer experiences collected from home appliances can be called 'the crystallization of the in-vehicle experience' that has been extended to the vehicle.

In the electronics business, the development of automobile performance is very important, but it is also important to provide consumers with great changes and experiences, like the LG Omnipod mentioned earlier. A car is changing from a means of transportation to an electronic product. We look forward to the various technologies and future that LG Electronics will continue to create through its electric vehicle business.