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A story from Nigeria: Technology at the service of the most disadvantaged communities ?
  Woli Pharaon, a Nigerian cyber pioneer and founder and managing director of NetPlusDotCom,  helps  businesses in sub-Saharan African marke...
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"A world without work".. How does technological progress threaten the future of the labor market? 14 April 2023
Fears that technological development will cause people to lose their jobs are not new today. In the eighteenth century, neighbors stormed th...
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6 Best AI Illustration Generator Tools 19 January 2023
  Artificial intelligence (AI) in particular has significantly changed the way the creative process works.  Artificial intelligence music, ...
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Technological development has its pros and cons 18 January 2023
  technological development  Technology is a set of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services ...
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