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The TOP 30 list of global service robots companies

The TOP 30 list of global service robots companies

The TOP 30 list of global service robots companies

The Institute of Robotics of the High-tech Industrial Research Institute launched the "GGR: List of TOP30 Global Service Robot companies". Among them, there are 10 Chinese companies, 8 American companies, 6 Japanese companies, 2 British companies, 1 Korean company, 1 Canadian company, 1 Israeli company, and 1 French company.

In terms of subdivided research fields, the listed companies cover the following fields: electronic products, home robots; education and entertainment; medical care; social and chat robots; bionic robots; simulation and humanoid robots; cleaning robots;

The selection criteria of GGR100 mainly include four items:

The first is the ability to innovate. GGR100 takes the innovation ability of products or business models in each segment as the main reference indicator. Through the continuous efforts of the company team, innovative products or models are applied to a certain field, and then have a far-reaching impact.

The second is the corporate brand must have a high degree of transparency. GGR100 requires that all participating corporate brands must have a high degree of visualization. Gaogong Robot believes that only when the outside world understands the company's brand and its connotation can it be recognized for its innovation.

The third is independent corporate governance. In terms of its characteristics, independent and sound corporate governance is an important indicator, and this independence includes independence from both the controlling country and the controlling family.

The fourth is sales revenue. GGR100 takes the growth of the fair value of shareholders' equity and the number of employees as reference indicators. The most common and most important criterion is the company's sales revenue.

According to Luo Huanta, dean of the Institute of Advanced Industrial Research and Development, the launch of the list aims to identify new directions and perceive new changes in the entire robotics industry, so that the Chinese robotics industry can understand the gap between domestic and foreign countries, and at the same time encourage the well-known Chinese robots on the list. companies, praising their contributions to China's global robotics industry.

The following is the list of TOP30 global service robot companies:

TOP1.serrvice robots:  iRobot (US)

Subdivision areas: electronic products, household robots

TOP1.serrvice robots:  iRobot (US)

As the world's first listed company in the field of household cleaning robots, iRobot specialised in service robots, it  is known to the public for its best-selling product, the Roomba series of cleaning robots. In the 13 years since the launch of the first household robot in 2002, the cumulative sales of its household cleaning robots have exceeded 15 million units, covering North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, with a global market share of more than 60%.

In March 2016, iRobot launched a brand new washing and mopping robot Braava jet. According to iRobot's annual report data, iRobot's sales of domestic robots in the US market in the first three quarters of 2016 increased by 30% compared with the same period of the previous year. From June to September 2016, iRobot's sales in the Chinese market also increased by 30% compared with the same period of the previous year, mainly due to the launch of two new products and the application of new market strategies.

TOP2.service robots:  Aldebaran robotics (France)

Segment: Education and Entertainment

TOP2.service robots:  Aldebaran robotics (France)

Aldebaran specialised in service robots,  was established in Paris, France in 2005 by Bruno Maisonnier, dedicated to the development and promotion of humanoid robot partners. Previously, Aldebaran Robotics received a venture financing of up to 13 million US dollars, and the Series C financing was led by Intel Capital.

The NAO invented by Aldebaran Robotics is currently the most widely used robot in the world's academic field. It can infer human emotional changes by learning body language and expressions, and "know" more people over time and be able to distinguish between The different behaviors and faces of these people are mainly used as teaching tools by 1,000 top universities and laboratories in 50 countries around the world.

TOP3.service robots:  intuitive surgical (USA)

Segment: Medical

TOP3.service robots:  intuitive surgical (USA)

On July 11, 2000, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the da Vinci Surgical System, making it the first robotic system available in the operating room in the United States. In the robotic surgery industry, Intuitive Surgical specialised in service robots, his most famous product is the da Vinci Surgical System, which is mainly used to perform operations remotely using robotic hands. The company has installed more than 3,600 systems worldwide, bringing great benefits to patients and doctors.

Intuitive Surgical has unparalleled advantages in the surgical robotics industry. Now, Intuitive Surgical is growing very fast. According to statistics, in 2015, more than 700,000 times were completed by its system, an increase of 15% compared with 2014.

TOP4.service robots:  Ecovacs (China)

Subdivision: cleaning robots

TOP4.service robots:  Ecovacs (China)

Ecovacs specialised in service robots,  was established in 1998. In 2006, it launched the world's first sweeping robot "Dibao", and successively launched "Qinbao", "Window Treasure", "Kinbao", "Wangbao", and Ruibao "" Home cleaning and housekeeping products have formed a complete product line of home service robots. At present, Ecovacs home service robots have successfully developed markets in more than 60 countries and regions, including Spain, Switzerland, France, Canada, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Iran, and Malaysia.

According to incomplete statistics, Ecovacs sold nearly 2 million robots last year, and 500,000 robots were equipped with APPs. The user's mobile phone can be directly associated and controlled. Through the APP, users can master the use status of consumables, and realize one-click replacement of consumables services on demand. At the same time, Ecovacs robot can also use the collected data to grasp the user's behavior pattern and product use feedback, so as to better provide users with accurate services robots:  TOYOTA (Japan)

Segmentation: social, chatbots robots:  TOYOTA (Japan)

Toyota specialised in service robots,  is a public company specializing in humanoid and mobile robots, and its main business is the design, manufacture, assembly and sales of passenger cars, minivans and commercial vehicles.

Its automotive business has expanded to approximately 170 countries and regions, including Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. Toyota Motor Corporation has entered into a partnership with Microsoft Corporation to develop and deploy telematics applications based on the Windows Azure platform for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

TOP6.service robots: Softbank (Japan)

TOP6.service robots: Softbank (Japan)

Subdivision: emotion, humanoid robot

In early 2012, Softbank specialised in service robots, acquired Aldebaran, a French company focusing on robotics business, and established SBRH; in 2014, it continued to acquire or invest in several companies with robotics-related products such as expression cloud and expression sensing technology. At present, SBRH has the world's first emotional robot product, Pepper. After it was officially launched on the market in June 2015, 1,000 robots were sold out within 1 minute.

On June 18, 2015, Alibaba and Foxconn strategically injected 14.5 billion yen into SBRH respectively. According to the signed agreement, Alibaba and Foxconn will each hold 20% of its shares, while Softbank will hold 60% of SBRH.

TOP7.service robots:  Samsung (South Korea)

Subdivision: Bionic Robot

TOP7.service robots:  Samsung (South Korea)

Founded in 1938, Samsung Group specialised in service robots  is the largest enterprise group in South Korea, including 26 subsidiaries and several other legal entities. It has established nearly 300 legal entities and offices in nearly 70 countries and regions. In 2003, Samsung Group's turnover was about 965 The brand value is as high as 10.85 billion US dollars, ranking 25th among the world's top 100 brands, and has become the fastest growing brand for two consecutive years.

Samsung has the world market share of nearly 20 products, ranking first among global enterprises, demonstrating its strong strength in the international market. Taking Samsung Electronics as an example, the company has won many awards in the Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) of the American Industrial Design Association, and has been the company with the most awards for several consecutive years. In October 2016, Samsung Group ranked 7th among the world's 100 most valuable brands in 2016.

TOP8.service robots:  Open Bionics (UK)

Subdivision: Bionic Manipulator

TOP8.service robots:  Open Bionics (UK)

OpenBionics specialised in service robots, a British company working to make robotic prosthetics for it, combines open-source 3D printing technology with robotic sensors to cut costs, hoping to provide users with low-cost robotic hands. Previously, Disney teamed up with prosthetic production company Open Bionics to launch a superhero prosthetic 3D robotic hand.

Globally, prosthetic limbs are dauntingly expensive, with hospital-provided myoelectric hands costing upwards of $100,000, while OpenBionics makes robotic hands for just a few thousand dollars that have the same functionality as mainstream prosthetics, but are lighter (with The hand is similar), and the wearing is more in line with the comfort of human body structure.

TOP9.service robots:  Ninebot (China)

Subdivision areas: mobile, mobility robots

TOP9.service robots:  Ninebot (China)

Ninebot specialised in service robots  is the first intelligent mobility operator in China that integrates R&D, production, sales and service of self-balancing mobility scooters. Since its establishment in 2012, it has become an industry leader with a global market share of more than 50% and an annual revenue growth rate of more than 500%. In just 4 years, Ninebot has realized the transformation from a simple balance car company to an intelligent robot company. transformation.

In April 2015, Ninebot officially completed the acquisition of all the equity and assets of Segway, the founder of self-balancing vehicles, and became the world's most influential leading brand in the intelligent short-distance transportation industry; Shan Capital, Shunwei Capital, and Huashan Capital jointly invested in the A round.

TOP10.service robots:  Boston Dynamics (USA)

Subdivisions: Simulation, Humanoid Robots

TOP10.service robots:  Boston Dynamics (USA)

Boston Dynamics specialised in service robots is a subsidiary of Alphabet, which Google acquired in 2013. Boston Dynamics has developed many impressive robots in the past, including the bipedal humanoid robot "Atlas" and the quadruped robot dog. "AlphaDog", "Spot", etc.; also tried to combine robotic arms to create a reduced version of the robot "SpotMini".

Earlier, Boston Dynamics introduced a new robot with legs and wheels. The new wheel design allows the Handle robot to move quickly on smooth surfaces and roll with minimal resistance. Also, thanks to a pair of articulated legs, the robot can perform crouching and jumping maneuvers with ease.

TOP11.service robots: Hanson Robotics (USA)

Subdivisions: Simulation, Humanoid Robots

TOP11.service robots: Hanson Robotics (USA)

Hanson Robotics  specialised in service robots was founded in 2003, and the Albert Einstein HUBO made by the company in 2005 caused a huge sensation. Now, Hanson Robotics has developed a variety of robots, such as Sophia can make more than 60 kinds of expressions, it has become the world's most advanced expression robot company, leading the trend.

In 2014, the facial expression robot project developed by Hanson Robotics won the Hong Kong Innovation Competition Award. In order to realize the large-scale production of robots with the help of the manufacturing power of China's Pearl River Delta, Hanson Robotics moved to Hong Kong. Haiyin Capital, a venture capital institution that has been tracking global technological innovation trends, saw the technological leadership and future development prospects of Hanson Robotics, and invested in it.

TOP12.service robots:  KOKORO (Japan)

Subdivisions: Simulation, Humanoid Robots

TOP12.service robots:  KOKORO (Japan)

Founded in 1984, Kokoro  specialised in service robots is a member of the famous Sanrio Group. It is a well-known enterprise dedicated to the research and development of high-fidelity intelligent robots. The robots invented by the company have subtle facial expressions comparable to real people, and can be applied in a variety of business scenarios. These robots are used in the retail service industry and can achieve all-round interaction with consumers' expressions, voices, and actions.

From the vivid anthropomorphic reception robot ACTROID at the 2005 Aichi World Expo in Japan, to the real-life avatar robot unveiled at the 2010 World Expo, Japan's Kokoro Company, Ltd. has always been famous for its realistic robots that simulate real people or animals. , and was certified by the Guinness World Records in 2009 for making the world's most human-like robot.

TOP13.service robots:  Knightscope (US)

Subdivision: Security Robots

TOP13.service robots:  Knightscope (US)

Knightscope specialised in service robots is a security guard robot R&D and production enterprise with world-leading technology. It has developed two robots, K5 and K10, and has begun to provide customers with robot security services. Knightscope has developed a security guard robot that can collect data and perform tasks in public places by integrating sensor technologies such as audio and video, outdoor positioning, obstacle avoidance, Internet of Things technology, big data technology and robotics technology to reduce and prevent crimes. .

The K5 robot is an intelligent robot developed by Knightscope, a California-based technology company. It is 1.5 meters high and weighs 136 kilograms. It can move freely within a specific range. It has no weapons, but has a 360-degree day and night camera. It can become the eyes and ears of law enforcement agencies, not only recording Various illegal activities, as well as the detection of biological and chemical weapons.

TOP14.service robots:  Jibo (US)

Subdivisions: family social, education

TOP14.service robots:  Jibo (US)

In addition to financing in the United States, Jibo ROBOT specialised in service robots  has also received investment from KDDI and Dentsu in Japan. The Korean investors are LG and Samsung, and the domestic investment methods are Netpower and Acer. Jibo crowdfunded and pre-sold the product "Jibo" on indiegogo in 2014. Jibo is a social robot that can identify the needs of users and make corresponding responses and interactions according to the needs of users.

At that time, sales reached $4 million, and a total of 6,500 units were sold, 30% of which came from developers. In 2015, Jibo received a $25.3 million Series A round led by RRE.

The future development trend of JIBO is to promote the Chinese market, enhance emotional expression and feedback capabilities, enhance personalized performance, make more use of cutting-edge technology, reduce the size of internal components, improve design and so on.

TOP15.service robots:  Cyberdyne (Japan)

Subdivision: Medical Assistant Robots

TOP15.service robots:  Cyberdyne (Japan)

CYBERDYNE specialised in service robots was listed on the GEM of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 26, 2014. It is the first company in Japan to produce robots for medical and social welfare services.

The Japanese company CYBERDYNE has launched the robot exoskeleton suit HAL for Japan, and plans to enter the European market. The HAL of CYBERDYNE company sells for about 50,000 US dollars, and can also be used by monthly lease, mainly used in industrial weight-bearing, rehabilitation and other fields. The company's flagship product is the HAL Hybrid Assistant Arm Set, which enhances human motor function by reading nerve signals through the skin.

TOP16.service robots:  Honda (Japan)

Subdivision: Bionic Robot

TOP16.service robots:  Honda (Japan)

Honda's ASIMO  specialised in service robots  has evolved into the latest autonomous robot with autonomous responses to moving people around it. For example, ASIMO can stop the current action and change its behavior to suit the other's intentions. In addition, through the information of visual and auditory sensors, ASIMO can accurately distinguish the faces, voices and individual needs of multiple people around it at the same time.

What's more advanced is that ASIMO can now also estimate and judge the action routes of the people walking towards it. It can roughly determine the routes and trajectories that pedestrians may travel in the next few seconds, and calculate and plan through its own system. An alternate route of its own that avoids a collision with humans.

TOP17.service robots:  ReWalk Robotics (Israel)

Subdivision areas: mobility robots, handicap-specific intelligent equipment

TOP17.service robots:  ReWalk Robotics (Israel)

ReWalk Robotics specialised in service robots , formerly Argo Medical Technologies, is dedicated to manufacturing wearable exoskeleton powered devices to help paralyzed people regain mobility from the waist down. ReWalk Robotics entered the European market with EU certification in 2012, following several years of clinical testing in Israel and the US.

Rewalk Robotics is a publicly traded robotics company whose walking system allows paraplegics to re-walk in their daily lives. After a decade of research and development, Rewalk has introduced a real-world walking solution for people with lower extremity disabilities.

TOP18.service robots: Dyson (UK)

Subdivision: cleaning robots

TOP18.service robots: Dyson (UK)

Dyson specialised in service robots,  has become an international home appliance design and manufacturing company with products sold in 37 countries around the world. An invention team composed of 1,200 scientists and engineers is committed to the invention and innovation of digital engines, washing machines and even the vacuum cleaner itself. The company spends 10% - 15% of its sales revenue on research and development every year, and currently has more than 3,000 items. Patents and more than 500 inventions.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that "stands up on its own" if it falls over. This year, Dyson brought its latest technological achievements to Beijing and opened its first concept store in North China, allowing consumers to experience and experience Dyson technology up close.

TOP19.service robots:  Titan Medical (Canada)

Segment: Medical

TOP19.service robots:  Titan Medical (Canada)

TitanMedical specialised in service robots, a Toronto-based company, is developing the SportSurgical system, which combines an operating table, a single-incision camera, and a multi-joint device, and will release it in the US in 2017. The Titan robotic system is designed to refine robotic surgery, allowing robots to perform procedures on tiny areas, including cholecystectomy.

TOP20.service robots:  Hitachi (Japan)

Subdivisions: Simulation, Humanoid Robots

TOP20.service robots:  Hitachi (Japan)

In 2016, Hitachi Corporation (HITACHI) specialised in service robots,  launched its new humanoid robot called EMIEW3, which mainly serves customers in shops and public places. This is the latest model after the two EMIEW series robots released in 2005 and 2007. It is 90 cm tall and weighs about 15 kg. Although it is small in stature, it can walk in harmony with people, with a maximum movement speed of 6 kilometers per hour, and can stand up on its own after falling.

In addition, EMIEW3 can speak four languages ​​including English and Chinese. Through built-in cameras and motion sensors, it can identify the different needs of customers and help customers solve problems. Then, EMIEW3 can be connected to Hitachi's cloud platform to classify and handle user needs.

TOP21.service robots:  Vecna ​​Technologies (USA)

Segment: Medical

TOP21.service robots:  Vecna ​​Technologies (USA)

Vecna ​​Technologies specialised in service robots, is a privately held company focused on medical, assistive and mobile robotics. The company is located at 36 Cambridgepark Dr. Road, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Vecna ​​Technologies provides healthcare solutions such as patient self-service solutions, enterprise web-based systems and QC PathFinder HAI inspection software for hospitals.

TOP22.service robots:  Verb Surgical (US)

Segment: Medical

TOP22.service robots:  Verb Surgical (US)

Verb Surgical specialised in service robots  is a privately held company focused on medical and assistive robotics. The company was founded by a number of technical and professional experts, and has received investments from Verily (formerly Google's life sciences division) and Ethicon (a medical device company owned by Johnson & Johnson).

TOP23.service robots: Xiaomi (China)

Subdivisions: cleaning, educational robots

TOP23.service robots: Xiaomi (China)

After the mobile phone market detonated a wave of "Xiaomi", Xiaomi specialised in service robots is actively deploying service robots and artificial intelligence markets, and has successively launched products such as drones, self-balancing vehicles, sweeping robots, and artificial intelligence set-top boxes.

Xiaomi has split into a huge product matrix from the original MIUI system + a Xiaomi mobile phone. There are more than 30 products being sold in the Xiaomi ecological chain, including four categories: mobile phones, TVs, smart hardware and accessories. Among the smart hardware, there are smart home appliances, wearable devices, smart homes, smart travel, smart images, robots, and unmanned vehicles. Computer and other categories, the mainstream hardware category is almost all-encompassing.

TOP24.service robots:  Canny Blue (China)

Subdivision: Educational and Entertainment Robots

TOP24.service robots:  Canny Blue (China)

Different from other robot companies, Cannyyoulan specialised in service robots  is not only a company that sells products, but also builds a privately customized and privately customized robot service ecosystem. It is reported that Cannyyoulan's robot product line will completely cover the full line of civilian robots such as role model preschool education robots, educational and entertainment robots, entertainment and education robots, guide robots, elderly companion robots, housewife companion robots, and service robots. product.

At present, Cannyyoulan has reached cooperation with a number of brands, such as Intel, Microsoft, Huawei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology, etc., involving both business and technology levels.

TOP25.service robots:  UBTECH (China)

Subdivision: Humanoid Robots

TOP25.service robots:  UBTECH (China)

UBTECH ROBOTICS specialised in service robots  is the first company in China to commercialize humanoid robots. UBTECH ROBOTICS started from the research and development of servo servos, the core source of humanoid robots, and gradually launched a series of consumer-grade humanoid robots, commercial humanoid robots, smart home robots and building block robots. . UBTECH is valued at more than $1 billion.

UBTECH's Alpha 1S robot became famous on the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and UBTECH's latest product, the Jimu robot, became the world's first building block robot to land in the Apple Store, and it was sold in more than 500 Apple Stores around the world.

TOP26.service robots:  Future Partner (China)

Subdivision: Educational Robots

TOP26.service robots:  Future Partner (China)

Founded in 1996, Future Partner specialised in service robots  is the founder of the global educational robot industry and a leading enterprise in the domestic educational robot industry. Currently, it has ABILIX, YIRO, EVOX, DRAGONGUARD and Innovation Core (INNOX) has five major brands. The company has participated in many 863 key projects and is the robot company with more inventions in China.

On November 19, 2016, at the opening ceremony of the 2016 World Championship of the World Educational Robot Competition, the Future Partner Robot Project was signed and settled in Changzhou Wujin National High-tech Zone. In this strategic cooperation, future partners will invest 950 million yuan to establish a robot industrial park in Wujin National High-tech Zone in Changzhou City, including a production and research and development base, a robot industry research institute, a robot academy, a robot paradise, and WER's global competition management center , is planned to be put into production in 2017.

TOP27.service robots:  Qifei Technology (China)

Subdivisions: Robotics, Machine Learning

TOP27.service robots:  Qifei Technology (China)

Qifei Technology specialised in service robots  is an artificial intelligence robot system solution provider, focusing on the research and development of artificial intelligence robot application solutions in the fields of smart retail, smart medical care, artificial intelligence platform and intelligent manufacturing. Intelligence, image vision, multi-dimensional perception, control systems, precision machinery laboratories, etc., continue to invest in research and development in the main application fields of artificial intelligence robot systems.

In the future, Qifei Robot will deploy space robots and set up basic technology laboratories such as power, energy, materials, radar, and deep learning to create super robots for humans to travel in space.

TOP28.service robots:  Qihoo 360 (China)

Subdivisions: Education, Entertainment Robots

TOP28.service robots:  Qihoo 360 (China)

Founded in September 2005, Qihoo 360 specialised in service robots  is a provider of Internet and mobile security products and services in China, dedicated to providing high-quality free security services. 360 Search, 360 Children's Guard and other products. On March 30, 2011, Qihoo 360 was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

On April 26, 2016, according to the National Development and Reform Commission's online approval and supervision platform for investment projects, the Qihoo 360 privatization project has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and has entered the publicity stage. On July 15, 2016, US time, Qihoo 360 announced the completion of the privatization transaction.

TOP29.service robots:  Smart Robot (China)

Subdivisions: Education, Entertainment Robots

TOP29.service robots:  Smart Robot (China)

The main business of Zhiwei Robot specialised in service robots  is the development of open source hardware, 3D printers and robot-related products. Its main products are divided into three categories, including open source hardware, 3D printers and robot-related products. The company's main sales channels are its free Chinese and English e-commerce websites, as well as offline distributors.

According to public information, the operating income of Zhiwei Robot from January to September 2015, 2014 and 2013 were 23.2312 million yuan, 19.2525 million yuan and 12.2112 million yuan respectively; the net profit was 11.9032 million yuan, 6.9143 million yuan and 4.5881 million yuan respectively. . In 2015, Zhiwei Robot completed the A round of financing with an amount of tens of millions of RMB. The investors Hushan Capital and Walden International invested.

TOP30.service robots: Setaria (China)

Subdivision: home social companionship

TOP30.service robots: Setaria (China)

Founded in December 2013, Setaria specialised in service robots is a group of romantic idealists who take artificial intelligence as the core and constantly pursue black technology products. They strive to combine technology and design, and through cross-border integration with pan-entertainment , so that technology products can also become a popular fashion, the main product of foxtail is Gongzi Xiaobai. Previously, Gongzi Xiaobai has obtained nearly 20 patents and is applying for a total of more than 50 patents.

In June 2016, foxtail grass announced that it has completed the A round of financing with a financing amount of 115 million yuan. Among them, this round of financing was led by Yuanzhifuhai and Zijingang Capital, and followed by Bright Shares, Ruidexin Investment, Haiquan Fund, Naland Capital, and Hengda Yuanheng Investment.