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AI useful for coexistence with animals

AI useful for coexistence with animals

AI useful for coexistence with animals

Pets such as dogs and cats, as well as livestock such as cows and pigs, are irreplaceable partners for humankind. If we could talk to them and ask them about their current mood and physical condition, the bond between humans and animals would be deepened. In the near future, AI may realize such a dream story.

Translate the bark of a cat into human language  by using AI?

"I want to talk to my pet" is an eternal dream of animal lovers, but it is a smartphone app called "MeowTalk" that makes it possible. In this app, AI analyzes the words of cats that cry "Nya, Nya" and translates them into human words.

Even on YouTube, how many videos have been translated into human language by MeowTalk, such as what you say when your cats cling to each other, what you say when stray cats are fighting with each other, etc. 

If this technology becomes widespread, AI that translates the language of other animals such as dogs and hamsters may be born.

AI that helps cows give birth

Cows often give birth on ranches that raise a large number of dairy cows. However, the timing of childbirth comes suddenly, and it is not possible to confirm that "I will give birth on this day."

Also, even if you notice the birth or the water ruptures, if you are a human, you can tell in words that you are likely to be born, but it is impossible for cows who can not speak. For this reason, some farms look around day and night to see if there are any signs of calving. This was a daunting task for the breeder.

To solve this problem, Kitasato University School of Veterinary Medicine and Noritsu Precision have developed a "delivery detection system (Ushiwaka)" that detects signs of delivery with AI. This uses image recognition AI to analyze the behavior of cows, and when it detects characteristic movements before calving, it automatically notifies the breeder and prompts them to take action.

 Kitasato University School of Veterinary Medicine and Noritsu Precision Co., Ltd. develop "system for detecting calving signs of cattle with image recognition AI"

Such AI not only reduces the burden on the caregiver, but also protects the life of the cow. In addition, understanding the intention from the analysis of the behavior of animals who cannot speak words can be said to lead to coexistence with animals.