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Trends of top artificial intelligence companies in 2022

Trends of top artificial intelligence companies in 2022

Artificial intelligence companies: AI trends

The top artificial intelligence companies prioritize Artificial intelligence (AI) over major technology trends.

Trend of top artificial intelligence companies:

ETRI introduces multi-sensory software 2.0 Millitech.

Red Hat Hikvision pays attention to cyber security through Artificial intelligence.F

Alibaba emphasizes new renewable energy and medical diagnosis platform

Major technologies that will lead the global industry in the future are analyzed as artificial intelligence (AI)-based multi-sensory, security, deep learning use of renewable energy, and optimization of medical diagnosis tools. 

Multi-sensory Artificial intelligence, Software 2.0 , millitech, Artificial intelligence security technology, and new and renewable energy-related technologies using deep learning were presented as the most emerging technologies of the top artificial intelligence companies.

Top artificial intelligence companies: ETRI

Trend of top artificial intelligence companies ETRI:

Among the top 10 technologies selected by ETRI, emerging Artificial intelligence fields are multi-sensory Artificial intelligence, software 2.0, and Artificial intelligence millitech. 

It was selected based on the analysis of the research team and the report on domestic and foreign technology trends. 

It is a technology that has recently emerged or is expected to have a large technological and social impact within the next three years.

ETRI selected multisensory Artificial intelligence that expands intelligence by combining multiple sensory functions. 

Multi-sensory Artificial intelligence is a method of realizing a connection between various intelligences that perceive and express human-like rather than simply combining auditory and verbal intelligence. 

In other words, it can be said that it is a general-purpose artificial intelligence with the ability to create something new by integrating language and sensory intelligence. 

Multisensory Artificial intelligence can develop into 'multimodal machine learning (MMML)'. 

ETRI believes that this technology can be positioned as a core function in innovative products and services in the fields of education, broadcasting, and fashion. 

It means that you can learn various senses like humans and apply the work of speaking, writing, and moving on your own to various industries.

Overseas tech companies and societies are already in the midst of developing and researching multi-modal machine learning using multi-sensory Artificial intelligence. 

At Google which is considered among top artificial intelligence companies in the the world: I/O last year, Google unveiled 'MUM (Multitask Unified Model)', a multi-modal unified model that understands more than 75 languages, images, and videos. Recently, major Artificial intelligence conferences such as NeurlPS, CVPR, NACCL, and ACL deal in depth with topics such as multi-modal modeling, expression learning, emotion recognition, and common sense reasoning.

The era of 'software 2.0' refers to a world where everything is data-centric. Computers learn on their own from data, not humans, and create algorithms logically. 

Because it learns by itself based on data, the amount of data code that a human needs to input is small. So the complexity is less. 

Since the burden of re-creating the software is less, it can be quickly applied to various areas. 

Currently, it is used in various fields such as visual recognition, speech recognition, machine translation, and robotics, including AlphaGo Zero. 

ETRI predicts that Software 2.0 will increase the global stock market cap by about $30 trillion over the next 20 years. 

He also said that it is expected to play a decisive role in increasing the global Artificial intelligence market to about $184 billion (about 220 trillion won) by 2025.

Currently, global information and communication technology (ICT) companies such as Microsoft (MS), Amazon, and Google which are among the top artificial intelligence companies have developed an MLOps platform that supports data management, Artificial intelligence model development, testing, service operation, and model re-learning and provide it as a cloud service. 

The company 'Superb Artificial intelligence ' is also a representative company that provides MLOps service.

ETRI explained that future defense capabilities can be defined by the quality of Artificial intelligence algorithms. Through 'AI Millitech'. Militech is a compound word of 'military' and 'technology', meaning core military technology. 

According to the report, military powers such as the United States and China are already actively investing in the development of Artificial intelligence millitech. 

ETRI analyzed that it is necessary to prepare a long-term strategy to secure independent Artificial intelligence technology through human-AI or AI-AI collaboration strategies in Korea. 

In particular, he emphasized the necessity of completely unmanned military vigilance and detection using Artificial intelligence. 

In addition, ETRI selected quantum service, digital human, non-fungible token (NFT), non-terrestrial communication, real-time precision positioning, cyber pandemic, and new geopolitics of technology standards as top 10 technologies to pay attention to this year.

ETRI is considered among the top artificial intelligence companies in the world.

Top artificial intelligence companies: Red Hat, Hikvision

Trend of top artificial intelligence companies Red Hat, Hikvision:

Cyber security using Artificial intelligence has also emerged as an important topic. IT security was also selected as one of the most notable investment areas this year. 

According to data analyzed by Red Hat, an open source company, IT security has the most dominance in the IT technology sector, which will be the top priority for companies to invest in in 2022. 

Chinese video surveillance and component manufacturer Hikvision also introduced Artificial intelligence technology as a key element to change the security industry. The company analyzed that Artificial intelligence security technology is expected to be widely used in the future, such as automatic license plate recognition, automatic accident and false alarm reduction, personal protective equipment (PPE) detection, senior fall detection, and mine surface detection.  

Red Hat and  Hikvision are considered among top artificial intelligence companies in the world.

Top artificial intelligence companies: Alibaba Damo Academy

Trend of top artificial intelligence companies Alibaba Damo Academy:

Alibaba Damo Academy which is considered among the top artificial intelligence companies also predicted major trends in the technology industry in 2022. 

He saw that it is possible to develop a renewable energy field and develop a medical diagnosis and precision measurement platform through Artificial intelligence.

According to the analysis, big data analysis and simulation through Artificial intelligence can help align new and renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro. 

For example, if Artificial intelligence analyzes energy consumption in advance, it is possible to supply sufficient energy by setting the amount used.

Big data and deep learning technologies are also capable of real-time monitoring. 

Energy equipment failures can be identified before they occur and the ability to respond can be improved. In the future, it is expected that a high-precision control and near real-time warning alarm basis will be prepared.

Alibaba believes that if it collects enough cancer diagnostic data samples, it can even create a large-scale Artificial intelligence diagnostic tool. 

This is because a multi-modal radiographic diagnosis report and a comprehensive evaluation report are automatically generated to help specialists in medical decision-making. 

According to statistics from US and UK health authorities, using Artificial intelligence technology for early breast cancer detection can reduce the false negative rate (FNR) by 5.7% in the US and 1.2% in the UK.

In addition, Alibaba selected robotics, medicine, privacy-preserving computing technology, satellite-terrestrial integrated computing system, cloud-network-device convergence, and extended reality (XR) as major Artificial intelligence paradigms.

Alibaba Damo Academy is considered among the top artificial intelligence companies in the world.