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Technological development has its pros and cons


technological development

 Technology is a set of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services to achieve certain goals such as scientific research, and technology can be abstract knowledge of techniques, processes, etc., or it can be embedded in machines, computers, devices, and factories, which It can be operated by human without detailed knowledge of the workings of such things by means of an intermediary between machine and human. [1] As for the technologies that are part of technology, as mentioned earlier, they are ways to create those new tools and products, and the ability to do so is the distinguishing feature of man, as he can consciously innovate and modify the environment around him in a way that no other species does, and therefore man is technical from the beginning. Technological development, with its positives and negatives, includes the full development of humanity, with its positives and negatives. [1] There is no denying that we live in the era of technology as it is an essential part of daily life and it is constantly improving to do more impressive things, along with the transformation in society and the way we think and work it also comes as a result of technological progress but all of this has some negatives brought about by the development technological. [1]

Advantages of technological development

Improve business efficiency

 Things can be done almost instantly with technology and the means for manufacturing goods have been greatly simplified and this has caused a significant reduction in waste and lower costs for consumers. [2] 

More job opportunities

 Technology has created a huge amount of new jobs in the economy of our world as an entirely new group of people is needed to work with, develop and maintain new technology in homes and workplaces. [3]

Achieve better communication

 Staying in touch is easier now than it has ever been since you can talk to, chat with or collaborate with anyone in the entire world and this has stimulated amazing things and a better understanding of other people's cultures. [1] 

Improving medical care

 Lots of new technology in the medical field are constantly being developed and surgical procedures and daily functions have become so simple and efficient that the level of illness and accidents has been greatly reduced. [2]

Disadvantages of technological development

 social divide 

Technology is expensive and keeping up with the latest trends is almost impossible for a person who is not in the upper class and this has caused a huge social divide between the people who can and those who cannot afford these technologies. [4] 

Producing a generation of sloth

 Since everything has been made easier or done entirely for us through the use of technology people are slowly but surely forgetting how to do things the old fashioned way and forgetting about the good old hard work. [5] 

Rapidly losing fashion value

 As technology advances new versions are designed that are faster and more efficient and this is a problem because you may have the latest and best technology but it will become obsolete in a very short time and this is causing our landfills to fill up with computers, cell phones and other things. [2]

types of technology

 Technology is not distinguished or distributed into groups, as it usually means the same thing to people regardless of the field in which it entered, but in fact technology is divided into different types that can be explained with examples as follows [6] : Industrial Technology: This technology organizes the engineering, manufacturing and technology for the manufacture and maintenance of machinery and everything related to it. Creative Technology: This process includes artistic and advertising design and products made with the help of software and also consists of 3D printers , virtual reality, computer graphics and other wearable technologies. Information Technology: This technology involves the use of telecommunications and computers to send, receive and store information, and the Internet is the best example of information technology.

How has technology evolved over time?

 Technological development, its pros and cons, includes chronological stages and contains pros and cons. At each stage of the chronological sequence, a standard method was adopted to survey the technological experience and innovations, and accordingly those chronological stages that the technology went through are mentioned [1] : Beginnings Stone Age technology to 3000 BC A degree of specialization in tool making was achieved by the time of Neanderthals 70,000 BCE. The Urban Revolution 3000 - 500 BC About 5,000 years ago a momentous cultural shift began in some good geographic locations so that new needs and resources were born, accompanied by a great increase in technological innovation that was the beginning of the invention of the city. Technological Achievements of Greece and Rome (500 BC - 500 AD) The mechanical development of Greece and Rome was not distinguished, even in the fields of military engineering and construction, but they showed great ingenuity and an aesthetic sensibility, as their work was more a continuation of previous lines of development than an innovation.

What is the future of technology?

 With the continuity of time, technological development will change its pros and cons even from what was mentioned in this article. In the near future, the perspective of seeing life may change, and many emerging new technologies will appear, some of which may be useful, and some may cause a threat to humanity , such as artificial intelligence, where experts believe that intelligence Artificial intelligence may surpass human intelligence in the year 2035, and since the deep mind from Google has already defeated a professional player in the Chinese game of Go, if artificial intelligence gets to a human level, it can develop itself exponentially, and this may lead to the destruction of humanity. [7] In addition to other things such as biotechnology, green energy, space science, quantum computers, military technology, and many other future technologies that will inevitably affect human life. [7]