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RSA 2022 Top 10 Notable Cybersecurity Startups

RSA 2022 Top 10 Notable Cybersecurity Startups

RSA 2022 Top 10 Notable Cybersecurity Startups

The 32nd RSA Conference was held on June 6th. The first face-to-face event in two years, the RSA conference is the debut of cybersecurity startups and a contest of key technologies and approaches to security. In particular, 35 startups participated in the Early Stage Expo, which was prepared as an innovation-only space to promote startups at the RSA conference. Here are 10 notable participating companies in alphabetical order.

Cybersecurity Startups: Cado Security : Cloud Incident Response

Founded in April 2020, Cado Security provides a cloud investigation platform and contextual analysis capabilities designed to help security teams rapidly respond to threats from cloud workloads. The Cado Response platform simplifies response operations by automating data capture and processing, providing forensic-level detail and contextual information.


Founded in 2018, Cympire provides a cybersecurity training and assessment platform to help businesses achieve their own cyber resilience. Cyweria, Simfire's SaaS offering, offers a variety of training scenarios, while allowing companies to customize their own training programs. Simfire claims that Cyweria can simulate any network topology or IT system.

Cybersecurity Startups: Fend : IoT Security and Intelligence

Founded in 2017, Fend focuses on physical hardware solutions for protecting critical infrastructure. Solutions that combine hardware and cloud-based equipment monitoring and analytics provide security for IoT, industrial applications and embedded systems. 

Cybersecurity Startups: Flow Security: Cloud Data Security Flow Security

, founded in 2020provides solutions to protect cloud data across an enterprise's entire application, including external services. Flow Security discovers data flows, categorizes that data according to sensitivity, and performs ongoing data risk assessment and mitigation actions.

Cybersecurity Startups: FuzzBuzz: DevSecOps Platform FuzzBuzz

, founded in 2018, has developed an automated fuzzing tool. The tool runs code through procedurally generated test cases to find bugs and vulnerabilities. FuzzBuzz claims that its fuzzing platform can be used without any security knowledge, allowing developers to get up and running in 30 minutes. GitGuardian : DevSecOps platform GitGuardian aims to solve the problem of confidential information spreading through source code. Founded in 2017, GitGuardian solves this problem by automating the detection of confidential information to secure applications and prevent data loss. Infinipoint : Device ID as a service Infinipoint

Device identity as a service is a cloud-based security platform for machine identity management. It can be applied to any user or device in any location to secure access to any application. InfiniPoint explains that it supports SSO authorization integrated with risk-based policies and one-click mitigation actions for vulnerable devices that do not comply with regulations. Infini Point was established in 2019.

Cybersecurity Startups: SafeBase : Enterprise Security and Compliance

Founded in 2020, SafeBase provides a solution called the Smart Trust Center that simplifies security and compliance reviews. It helps businesses share their security posture and automates access to sensitive compliance information. SafeBase claims its solutions can accelerate a company's sales cycle and cut the size of questions by half.

Cybersecurity Startups: ShardSecure : Cloud Security

ShardSecure helps enterprises maintain control of their data in the cloud, improve data availability and attack surface integrity and service disruption, and reduce administrative overhead while meeting compliance requirements. Founded in 2019, ShardSecure uses a technology called microsharding, which divides data into smaller pieces, shuffles and disperses them, so that unauthorized users don't get a perceptible set of data.

Cybersecurity Startups: ShiftRight : Security Business Intelligence

ShiftRight bridges the gap between security engineering teams and CRM platforms so businesses don't miss important security events. Control the right resources across the enterprise to complete security tasks and track the performance of security investments. Established in 2019.