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metaverse: Changing media ecosystem


metaverse: Changing media ecosystem

TV Asahi throws a win-win with the metaverse in the rapidly changing media ecosystem

TV Asahi hosts summer event in metaverse 'Roppongi Hills'
Inducing contact with performers in metaverse space... Audience participation 
The pizza delivery service and talk with animation voice actors
actively respond to new media platforms such as Netflix and YouTube

Various events linked to the program will be held at 'Roppongi Hills', which was built in the metaverse space by 'TV Asahi', a Japanese private broadcasting company. It is an attitude to actively respond to the rapidly changing media market by attracting viewers' participation by using the previously built metaverse platform.

"Metaverse Roppongi" built by TV Asahi
Currently, the global media industry is under threat from new platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. Therefore, Asahi's move is also interpreted as a strategy to increase competitiveness by pursuing differentiation through metaverse and realistic content. It is meaningful that the performer and the viewer contact and communicate through the avatar in the virtual space.

'Metaverse Roppongi', built by TV Asahi on the metaverse platform 'cluster', is characterized by modeling the areas around Roppongi around the Asahi office building. Various metaverse events such as collaborations with animation and talk events are held here. They are pushing the business of Roppongi in Metaverse, such as collaborating with music programs and movies. Previously, it had been partially open before and after TV programs linked to Metaverse.

Providing new attractions in connection with the drama 'Roppongi Class'

This summer event will run for about a month from July 23rd to August 28th. During this period, it will be open at all times to further lead viewers to participate in metaverse activities. First, TV Asahi will decorate a huge poster for the drama 'Roppongi Class' on Roppongi Street in the metaverse. In addition, on the huge wall, a special message video that can only be seen in the metaverse space is planned to be released by the three drama stars 'Ryoma Takeuchi', 'Yuko Araki' and 'Yurina Hirate'.

The drama 'Roppongi Class', which is currently airing on TV Asahi, is a remake of Korea's 'Itaewon Class'. Along with the original, it is a drama that has received considerable acclaim, and is very popular with locals. The new rides are also attracting attention. The 'thrilling virtual jet coaster', where you can enjoy the thrilling thrills unique to the metaverse space, can experience rapid ascents and steep descents, as well as a huge one-turn ring. If you wear VR goggles and experience it, you can feel more lively.

Order pizza in the metaverse space, meet with viewers and let the story blossom

From the first day of July 23rd, 'Domino Pizza' will open in the metaverse space. If you order a pizza in this virtual space store, a delivery service is provided that arrives at your home. The clerk at the pizza shop directly entertains customers with the appearance of members of 'Gakudai Junes', a virtual space idol that crosses 2D and 3D.
In addition, 'Manga Unknown Cafe', specially linked to 'Manga Miji', one of the TV Asahi programs, appears. In the cafe, illustrations based on the representative works of famous cartoonists who have appeared on the program so far are displayed for free. In this cafe, you can actually talk to other avatars by turning on the microphone function. Therefore, it is expected that manga fans can gather and flower comic stories. On the night of August 17th, an event in which MCs Iwai Yuuki and Hanazawa Kana of the program actually appear as avatars will also be held.

In addition, the 'Metaverse Voice Actor Festival' will be held on July 29, August 6 and 13. It is an event where more than 30 voice actors gather. Participants can feel a sense of distance from their favorite voice actors in the metaverse space. A 'Premium Talk' will be held in which popular voice actors and avatars are directly talked to each other through lottery.