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Server Hosting vs Cloud Server vs Bare Metal Server Comparison

Server Hosting vs Cloud Server vs Bare Metal Server Comparison

Server Hosting vs Cloud Server vs Bare Metal Server Comparison

IT infrastructure evolves with advances in server virtualization technology. Infrastructure services such as bare metal servers, VMs, and containers can be classified depending on whether various virtualization technologies such as hypervisor and container engine are applied.

If you are a reader who is new to IT infrastructure, you may be curious about the difference between these infrastructure services.

Through the comparison below, we will look at the characteristics of physical servers (server hosting) and cloud servers (virtual servers), which are the most representative infrastructure classification methods, and bare metal servers that combine the two.

1. Server Hosting

Standalone Physical Server, Dedicated Server

Server hosting is an infrastructure service that allows a customer to use one physical server alone.

Since the customer has the root authority of the server, the owner has complete control over server resources such as CPU, DISK, and RAM. Because one physical server is used exclusively, there is no interference from other users, and since virtualization solutions are not applied, server resources can be fully utilized without overhead. Since you own a server, you have to pay for the purchase of server equipment (hardware), so the initial introduction cost is high

2. Cloud Server

Virtual Server, Virtual server/Virtual Machine

A cloud server is an infrastructure service in which one physical server is logically partitioned using a virtualization solution called a 'hypervisor'.

Customers can use logically partitioned 'Virtual Machines'. Most of the use process is automated, so you can easily create/delete a 'virtual server' from the web console, and you can quickly expand/reduce the capacity.

In addition, the cloud server has an 'on demand' characteristic in which the required capacity is immediately ordered and used, and the user pays for the amount used. Compared to server hosting where you pay for equipment, the initial adoption cost is low.

3. Bare Metal Server

Physical server used in cloud environment, Baremetal Server

Bare metal server is an infrastructure service that can be used by simply requesting a non-virtualized physical server from the web console like a cloud.

Customers can use dedicated physical servers, so they can fully enjoy server performance without interference from other users. Since bare metal is basically a cloud service, it can be linked with a cloud server and you pay as much as you use. Because a non-virtualized physical server is used alone, the cost is higher than that of a cloud server.