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Protect sensitive information from cyber attacks

Protect sensitive information from cyber attacks

Small and medium-sized enterprises are also targeted! To protect sensitive information from cyber attacks

In recent years, the number of cyber-attacks targeting confidential corporate information has increased. There are various methods of cyber attacks, and not only large companies but also many small and medium-sized companies are suffering from them. In this blog, we will introduce the types of cyber attacks, their criminals, and security measures that can be taken immediately.

Cyber ​​attacks targeting small and medium-sized enterprises

E-mail exchanges and browsing websites for the purpose of collecting information are indispensable for business, but cyber attacks are carried out from such familiar things. In particular, SMEs are easy to target because there are relatively few specialized departments and human resources for security measures. Therefore, first of all, we would like to introduce some typical cyber attacks targeting such small and medium-sized enterprises.

The first is a ransomware attack, whose damage has been increasing rapidly in recent years. This is a virus-based method that encrypts corporate digital information and turns it into an unusable state, and is used by attackers who demand money on condition that it is decrypted. Data is rarely restored even if the company pays as requested.

The second attack is a supply chain attack. Large companies are a treasure trove of information, but the security is so strong that even attackers cannot easily reach out. Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises that are located in the supply chain of large enterprises and have poor security are targeted. Using the invasion of small and medium-sized enterprises as a foothold, it is a method of spreading attacks to the entire supply chain including large enterprises.

The third is an attack to obtain information by taking a psychological gap in humans. For example, it should be noted that the method of obtaining confidential information by peeping at the screen of the PC or eavesdropping on the conversation increases the number of operations outside the office and makes information management difficult. It's an attack.

Who is the work of cyber attacks?

Cyber ​​attacks may be carried out by groups for the purpose of terrorism, etc., but the following three are typical attackers targeting small and medium-sized enterprises.

Industrial espionage

In order to obtain information on rival companies, it breaks into the company's information system and steals or destroys confidential information.

Money robber

It is an attacker who mainly targets Internet banking registrant information and leads to fraudulent remittances in order to obtain cash faster than corporate information that requires cashing.

Internal criminals

This is a case where a person who has some kind of resentment against a company intentionally leaks or destroys information. For example, when you retire, you may bring out customer information and know-how and use it as a souvenir for a rival company, so blind trust is prohibited even if you are an employee of the same company.

To prevent cyber attacks

Cyber ​​attacks are a threat to businesses, but countermeasures can reduce the chance of damage. Here, let's take a look at the measures that can be taken immediately against cyber attacks.

First is the organization of information. Not knowing where the information is gives the attacker a chance to take advantage of it. Just taking an inventory of your company's information assets such as customer lists and reviewing the storage status will lead to major improvements.

Next, let's update the OS of the device such as PC to the latest version. Older operating systems are vulnerable, so attackers try to invade them and launch viruses.

Finally, we recommend that you always back up your data. No matter how much you take measures, cyber attacks cannot be completely prevented. However, if you have the backed up data, you can recover it in the shortest time even if it is damaged.