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What is Cloud Computing, DaaS?


What is Cloud Computing, DaaS?

What is Cloud Computing, DaaS?

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the world is accelerating digital transformation. Naturally, the entire IT industry has grown rapidly. Of these, the industry that has benefited the most is by far desktop as a service (DaaS). DaaS is attracting attention as a technology that can implement smart work , a core value in the post-corona era . Experts even call DaaS the second 'PC market innovation' after Microsoft's Windows operating system. DaaS is the hottest topic in the global IT industry. In 'Types of Cloud Computing Part 4', we will take a closer look at the concept, background, and characteristics of DaaS. 

What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

DaaS stands for ' desktop as a service '. As long as the Internet is connected, it is a kind of cloud service that allows you to access the corporate internal network with any device anytime, anywhere. Because all information is stored on a central server, there is little risk of information leakage even if an employee's individual PC is exposed to a virus, damaged, or lost. It can be said to be the most secure technology to access the corporate business network from the outside. DaaS, which guarantees secure remote work, is in the spotlight these days as workplaces become more flexible. To understand the characteristics of DaaS, you must first understand how it came to be.

How did DaaS come about?

The traditional way to work is for employees to work from the office on a desktop provided by the company. Programs necessary for business performance such as operating system (OS), security solutions, and software are installed on the desktop. However, new challenges arise when employees are forced to work in a third location rather than the office, for reasons such as travel or telecommuting. From the company's point of view, concerns arise such as whether or not employees should be allowed to take their personal work PCs outside. If it is allowed, issues such as whether access should be given so that the outside can use the internal business network will follow. If an employee loses or damages the work PC, work data may be lost.  

Conversely, if it is not permitted to take out the work PC, access rights must be given so that the employee's personal PC or smartphone can use the in-house work network. If an employee's personal terminal is vulnerable to security, malicious code can penetrate the company's internal network through the device. When employees work remotely like this, companies face a number of security challenges. DaaS has emerged as a solution to this.

What are the characteristics of DaaS?

The characteristics of DaaS can be classified into four categories: 'continuity', 'economical', 'security', and 'management convenience' . First, DaaS enables employees to maintain the same work experience as in the office, no matter where or on their device . This is because any terminal device, such as a PC, smartphone, or laptop, can be used to connect to the company's business network and process work. DaaS helps users flexibly choose where they work by eliminating the dependency on work devices. This is why DaaS has rapidly emerged as a telecommuting solution under the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Second, cost reduction is also an advantage of DaaS. DaaS is a service that receives a virtual workspace in the form of a subscription. Just like recent subscriptions to flowers, cosmetics, and offices, a desktop for work is also being rented for a fee. So DaaS, like other cloud services, has no upfront deployment costs. 

The presence or absence of deployment cost is also a differentiating factor between virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS, which are virtual desktop technologies. DaaS and VDI implement the same functionality. It provides virtual desktops. However, if the space where this virtualization takes place is the user's infrastructure, it is VDI, and if it is the infrastructure of a professional cloud provider, it becomes DaaS. After all , DaaS can be said to be a service that provides VDI in the form of a cloud . In the past, when companies adopted VDI, they had to own their own infrastructure, which was expensive. However, DaaS allows you to use VDI in the form of a subscription for a contract fee. This is why the demand for DaaS has soared in recent years. 

Next, DaaS is highly secure . DaaS is a technology that creates a corporate business network on a central virtualized server and transmits only the screen to the employee's personal PC. Therefore, even if each employee's access terminal is vulnerable to security, the company's central business network is not affected. For example, a user who logs in to a DaaS account and accesses the central business network processes work with a personal terminal. However, all work is done only in the central business network. The user can only see the result value processed in the central business network on his/her terminal . This is because the screen of the central business network is transmitted to the user in real time as a picture file. In this way, by using DaaS, a large number of people can freely use the business network, while the information on the business network can be safely protected. 

Finally, DaaS is easy to manage . DaaS is a centrally controlled remote service. Administrators can assign cloud desktops to employees from a central server, and subsequent management and recall can be batch-processed. It is also possible with DaaS to distribute various business software to all employees within a short period of time. Of course, updating the software to the latest version all at once. At the same time, the number of desktops can be flexibly increased or decreased. When the company starts working from home, it creates 100 desktops and returns 100 when they return to the office system. 

What is the DaaS of the future?

In the future, it seems that the general public will also be able to encounter DaaS in real life. In the past, DaaS has grown around business desktops for businesses and governments. However, experts predict that soon individuals will be able to receive PC resources as DaaS, play high-end games, or watch high-definition movies. If a refrigerator or TV equipped with a display is also combined with DaaS, the world will be transformed into a PC. So many people say that DaaS offers a glimpse into the future of work as well as lifestyle. Now, more businesses and individuals want their work desktops to be as flexible, economical, and convenient as the cloud.