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EDR a defense solution that visualizes cyber attacks

EDR a defense solution that visualizes cyber attacks

Why EDR, a defense solution that visualizes cyber attacks in real time, is attracting attention

In 2014, an executive of a major American software maker said, "Antivirus software is dead." To support this, an increasing number of companies are victims of cyber attacks and become infected despite using antivirus software. This shows that antivirus software is not an absolute defense against viruses. Of course, antivirus software is important for protecting corporate information, but EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), which minimizes the damage of cyber attacks, is attracting attention as a complementary function. ..

What is EDR?

EDR is a general term for tools that identify the range of influence and the route of intrusion when an attack invades a terminal such as a PC, and lead to prompt response. While antivirus software, which is widely used as a means to counter cyber attacks, aims to prevent attacks at the water's edge, EDR assumes that attacks will invade, and suppresses damage and eliminates threats. to hold.

EDR: Antivirus software alone cannot protect important information

Cyber ​​attacks targeting companies are becoming more sophisticated. Those who attempt to attack a company should obtain antivirus software that is generally distributed, try how to react to the virus that they have prepared, and adjust it so that it will not be detected. Attack the company. On the other hand, manufacturers of antivirus software obtain the viruses that are on the market and update the software after analysis is completed by a method called "pattern matching". However, the response of these manufacturers has not kept pace with the speed of virus creation, which is producing a large number of versions every day.

In addition, the increase in work outside the office, such as telework, has made it difficult to centrally manage terminals in the workplace as in the past, which is also affecting information security. Since antivirus software is not updated properly while not connected to the internal network, terminals taken outside the company are delayed in responding to new viruses, increasing the risk of cyber attacks.

Furthermore, since antivirus software is designed to prevent attacks from the outside, there is a problem that it is not possible to clarify the root cause such as identifying the route of the attack, and EDR is set to solve it. It is important to utilize it.

EDR features and benefits

Introducing the main functions of EDR and the advantages of introducing it.

Visualization of attacks

You can visualize the situation when you receive a cyber attack. The most important function of EDR is that it can automatically determine and analyze "which terminal and when the attack occurred? What is the impact on other terminals?", Visualize it, and provide it to the user. It is possible to minimize the damage by grasping and dealing with cyber attacks at an early stage, which may adversely affect the corporate organization or the entire network if the response is delayed.

In addition, by clearly grasping the cause of the cyber attack, it is possible to quickly deal with the problem that has occurred. In post-action measures such as reporting to stakeholders and apologizing, it will be possible to explain the cause and explain future improvements, which will help stop the loss of credibility.

Monitoring and real-time detection

Since EDR needs to react in real time to the intrusion of cyber attacks, it constantly monitors the terminals connected to the network, analyzes the collected data, detects if there is an attacked terminal, and disconnects it from the network. Prevents the spread of damage.

Attack behavior analysis

EDR can analyze and detect the behavior of attacks executed on terminals in the network with AI etc. and lead to early response. It is possible to deal with fast-evolving viruses that are difficult to protect with antivirus software.

EDR: At the end

In this article, we introduced that antivirus software alone is not enough to counter cyber attacks, and that it is effective to use it in combination with EDR, which minimizes damage after being attacked. Cyber ​​attacks are evolving at a tremendous speed, and it is necessary to build information security on the premise of being "attacked" as well as "defending". Below is a document that summarizes the points to consider when introducing EDR, and we hope that you will take a look at this as well to help further understand EDR.