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Learn about ERP accounting management

Learn about ERP accounting management

Learn about ERP accounting management

Due to COVID-19, more companies are preparing for a home/remote work environment. There is a lot of interest in building a smart office that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, regardless of time and place.

Despite the unavoidable telecommuting situation, it is still very important to manage corporate accounting information. In order to manage accounting information in a single system in the untact era, you must first be free from worrying about IT computing infrastructure.

For this reason, cloud-based web-based ERP is attracting attention rather than installed or built-in ERP.

Gavia launched a cloud-based ERP accounting management service to manage corporate accounting information consistently anytime, anywhere in line with the era of non-face-to-face business.

Gavia's ERP accounting management is easy and convenient to use even if you are not an accounting expert. Below, we will discuss the reasons and advantages of choosing ERP accounting management.

Why Choose ERP Accounting Management

Easy to use even for beginners

Even if you do not have enough knowledge in accounting, if you use the ERP accounting management system, you can easily manage the bookkeeping by entering purchase/sales transactions as if you were writing a household account book.

automatic accounting

When collecting transaction details, input only the transaction information and the transaction type of the account item, and the ERP accounting management program automatically calculates the amount by dividing it into debit/credit and creates a slip, so you can omit the complicated journaling process.

Real-time financial status

By providing the books necessary for management in real time, you can understand the financial status and financial status at a glance, enabling effective profit and loss management.

Inventory Management

Based on incoming and outgoing input data, inventory movement status of goods, products, and materials can be grasped by period/item, allowing convenient inventory management in one place.

Advantages of Gavia ERP Accounting Management

Accounting management through integrated trial balance

The debit/credit input screen is provided according to the transaction type of the entered account item, and an integrated trial balance sheet that calculates the total amount and balance for each account item is automatically provided, enabling easy and accurate accounting management.

Easy-to-use accounting management

Data can be entered without complicated processes through an intuitive UI, and based on this, real-time financial information can be checked, making it easy and convenient to use.

Cloud-based web program

Accounting work can be viewed anytime and anywhere in an environment that is only connected to the Internet without a separate installation process, and users can always use the latest version of the ERP accounting management system due to automatic updates.

Gavia's ERP accounting management system was designed by a certified public accountant with 30 years of experience and supplemented the inconvenience of using existing accounting programs.

In commemoration of the beta service launch, please start intuitive and effective corporate accounting management with the ERP accounting management service provided free of charge.