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What is artificial neural network in 2 min?

What is artificial neural network in 2 min ?

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Artificial Neural Network (ANN):

 An artificial neural network is a machine learning algorithm that is one of various technologies that apply artificial intelligence. It is one of various algorithms that solve problems based on learning data. As the name suggests, it is a concept that is an extension of an idea from a neuron that emerges from biology. Neurons receive signals from dendrites and transmit signals to other neurons through axons. At this time, the connection between neurons is a synapse.

 An artificial neural network is a mathematical application of the concept of a neuron defined in biology. It receives input data and uses an activation function to control the value and output it. For activation functions, a sign or threshold function, a step function, a sigmoid function, a softmax function, a tanh function, a Gaussian function, and a ReLU function are often used.