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What is cloud computing?

Understanding the types of cloud computing resources can be time consuming and expensive. Businesses must purchase physical servers and other infrastructure and support The architecture of cloud computing through a procurement process that can take months. Purchased systems usually require special space with sufficient power and cooling. Businesses also need specialized people to configure and deploy systems and manage them.

This long-term process is difficult to scale when demand spikes or when your business grows. Businesses can acquire more computing resources than they need, which can lead to underutilization.

Cloud computing solves this problem by providing computing resources as scalable, on-demand services. Learn more about Google Cloud, a suite of cloud computing service models powered by Google.

Do you need cloud computing?

The need for advanced computing to accelerate innovation and growth has made cloud computing a viable option for conducting research and accelerating new product development. Cloud computing enables businesses to leverage scalable resources and the latest technology without having to worry about capital expenditures or limited fixed infrastructure. What is the future of cloud computing? It is expected to become the dominant corporate IT environment.

Organizations that meet the following criteria may be eligible for cloud computing:

Rapid business growth beyond infrastructure capabilities

Low utilization of existing infrastructure resources

Massive amounts of data surpassing on-premises data storage resources

Slow response times from on-premises infrastructure

Delays in product development cycles due to infrastructure constraints

Cash flow problems due to high cost of computing infrastructure

Highly mobile or decentralized user population

In these scenarios, traditional data centers alone are not sufficient.