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Artificial intelligence in the kitchen of the future

Artificial intelligence in the kitchen of the future

Food technology is rapidly permeating our daily lives. From food cultivation to distribution, cooking and food intake, there is no stage that is not affected by artificial intelligence: Food Tech.

In the United States, it is so popular that famous entrepreneurs and stars such as Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio invest in food technology companies. In fact, the popularity of artificial intelligence in the food field is a trend not only in the United States, but also in the global industry . At CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, USA in mid-January.

Artificial intelligence: "bot chef" robot by Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics introduced a "bot chef" robot that helps with cooking. When the host activates the robot with the words "Hey BotChef" and suggests "Let's make a tofu salad", the BotChef responds "Okay", shows the cooking process on the screen and starts cooking, what artificial intelligence's magic !

Sometimes he asks the host to take care of the ingredients, and he moves skillfully, like frying tofu using induction and a frying pan. While cooking, when the host asked, "I want a cup of coffee," he replied, "I don't know how to do it, but I'll look for a way to do it online." He also showed flexibility. to put it into practice. At the last stage of cooking, when the host said, "I want a spicy dressing", I opened the cupboard door, found the hot sauce, sprinkled it over the salad, put it back in the cupboard and closed the door.
In addition to the aforementioned Samsung Electronics, many companies have introduced food processors.

Artificial intelligence: Cooking robot by LG Electronics

LG Electronics has developed a cooking robot that makes noodles. This robot is already used in some restaurants operated by CJ Group, such as VIPs, a family restaurant.
Artificial Intelligence: Vending Machine by Yokai Express
Japan's Yokai Express, which has developed a "ramen vending machine", is also attracting attention. The ramen vending machine is said to only take 45 seconds to make a bowl of ramen. There are currently 8 recipes available. There are many companies that automatically manufacture desserts and beverages other than meals. The Argentinian company Tigu has developed a machine that prepares muffins in 5 to 12 minutes by inserting a capsule and pressing a button. 'Drink Works' and 'Batissian' introduced cocktail making equipment. Similar to a home coffee machine, the cocktail is automatically topped up by inserting a capsule containing the cocktail ingredients and pressing the button.

Artificial intelligence: The 'Penny' service robot from 'Bear Robotics

The artificial intelligence Meal service is now also provided by robots. Bear Robotics' 'Penny' service robot, created by CEO Ha Jung-woo, a former Google engineer, is already in operation in 30 restaurants in the United States. This year, the pre-order volume reached 10,000 units. In Korea, the "Lounge X" cafe located in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul and the Villa branch of Charlotte Jamsil, a restaurant operated by Lotte GRS, use the penny. A penny can carry food 100-120 times a day, and the average daily distance is 5 km.

Ha Jung-woo, CEO of Bear Robotics, said, “In the future, the restaurant industry will change the perception of jobs. However, if robots are used, difficult, repetitive and dangerous tasks should not be performed by humans. Then people can focus on more creative and valuable work, like menu development.