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Top 7 AI utilization cases in the agricultural field

Top 7 AI utilization cases in the agricultural field

Top 7  AI utilization cases in the agricultural field

Agriculture was an industry that was sensitive to the natural environment, such as sunshine conditions and the spread of rainfall or sudden illness. Therefore, until now, it was often necessary for human power to intervene, such as experience, knowledge, and intuition. However, with the advent of AI and the use of cutting-edge technology, agriculture is undergoing major changes.

Especially overseas, a field called Agriculture (Agriculture and Technology: a coined word of technology) is being established. Accumulated big data and AI are replacing what people have made based on their experience, knowledge, and intuition. Not only that, there is also a movement to leave everything to AI, including unpredictable data and abnormalities that could not be detected in advance.

In this article, we will introduce 7 AI utilization cases in the agricultural field that are advancing overseas.

Detect information that cannot be captured by the human eye with artificial satellites using AI

Landsat is an artificial satellite of NASA. By receiving images taken from the sky, we observe and provide environmental data on the surface of the earth. Landsat's environmental data is expected to be useful, especially when developing fields in developing countries. For example, if a drought occurs in India and emergency assistance or financing is needed, the damage to farmers in the same area will be different. In developing countries, there are few factors for making decisions when making loans, so it is expected that this will lead to a solution.

Similarly, NASA has a program called PACE that utilizes artificial satellites. This is a project to collect the effects of microorganisms and plankton, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations from satellite images. Macroscope, a technology that analyzes satellite images using artificial intelligence and cloud computing, is used here. There is data that phytoplankton, which is said to produce 70% of oxygen, may become extinct if the seawater temperature rises by 6 ° C, and it is used to take measures against that problem. Is expected to be.

Services (AI) used by more than one-third of American farmers

Farm Logs is an American venture company that collects various data such as weather data, satellite images, IoT devices, and other data such as crop health and growth, soil nutrition, and yield forecasts. We provide services to farmers. In fact, more than one-third of American farmers are so popular that they use FarmLogs services. FarmLogs Flow enables more detailed recording of agricultural work by connecting to agricultural machinery.

A brilliant robot made by AI  from Spain that leaves everything from harvesting to sorting.

The SW6010 produced by AGROBOT, a provider of agricultural robots in Spain, uses optical authentication technology. In the past, when harvesting strawberries, you had to check with the human eye to see if they were ripe one by one. However, after taking pictures of strawberries from all angles with the optical authentication technology installed in SW6010, the robot judges whether it is ripe or not and cuts only the appropriate fruit. Furthermore, we will sort them by size and pack them in a case. It is a highly acclaimed robot that has won numerous awards in Spain.

A self-propelled grape harvesting robot that no longer requires human intervention created by AI

Wall-Ye of France has created a robot that harvests grapes for wine. Until now, it was necessary to check with the human eye whether the grapes were ripe one by one, but this robot not only self-propelled, looked around the trees, and cut off the fruited grapes. At the same time, you can also prun the overgrown branches. The robot is equipped with six cameras, and can memorize the shape of the vine at the same time while running on its own.

An app that detects dangers that humans do not notice and protects the safety of bees developped by AI

BeeScannning is an application developed by Swedish beekeeper Bjorn Leyaman with researchers. This application can use algorithms to detect signs of pests such as the dangerous mites that can approach and parasitize bee colonies, such as the honeybee mites, and lead to early extermination. In addition, since no long-term effective chemicals for treating pests have been produced at present, it is also expected as a tool for studying pests.

Lettuce management is a super machine developped by AI that reduces the use of handy things and chemicals

Created by Blue River Technology, the Lettuce Bot looks like a regular tractor at first glance, but it has a machine learning engine. We take pictures of 5000 flower buds per minute, recognize the intervals and shapes of lettuce that have begun to grow, check weeds with an error of 6 mm or less, and spray the herbicide. You can also spray herbicides on crowded areas to help distribute nutrients and help grow. LettuceBot is expected to not only take over the weeding work that was previously done by manpower and pesticides, but also reduce the use of chemicals by 90%.

Weighing machine that guarantees the life of a coffee farmer created by AI

An American company, Bext360, has created a mobile robot that looks like a scale at first glance. This robot analyzes and weighs the quality of coffee beans to determine if they are good or not. Then, mark it as excellent, good, or acceptable and evaluate it. Bext360 also offers an application to negotiate fair prices. With data showing that families of farmers who make a living from coffee growing live on less than $ 2 a day, these robots and applications are expected to help eliminate unjustified intermediate exploitation and promote fair trade. 

AI is also active in monitoring deforestation

WRI (World Resources Institute) is big We are working with Orbital Insight, an American company that handles data, to monitor and predict deforestation. Artificial intelligence analyzes vast amounts of data taken from satellite images to anticipate new roads and signs of deforestation to predict which forests are likely to be at risk. To do. The results are provided to officials and used to prevent development activities and the like. It can be said that AI can predict movements that humans cannot detect.