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Top artificial Intelligence companies in Canada


Top artificial Intelligence companies in Canada

Top AI companies in Canada

12 Canadian artificial intelligence companies that are the origin of deep learning and leading the global artificialintelligence (AI) ecosystem based on world-class artificial intelligence scholars and R&D will be held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul for three days from the 13th to the 15th.

The Canada Pavilion will be prepared at the '5th International Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (AI EXPO KOREA 2022)' and communicate with domestic companies and institutions through innovative artificial intelligence technology.

Under the supervision of the Trade Commissioner Service of the Canadian Embassy in Korea, the 'AI Expo Korea 2022 Canada Pavilion' will be operated with a delegation of Canadian AI companies to promote the Canadian artificial intelligence and information and communication technology (ICT) industry.

The embassy said, "We plan to host a B2B event between domestic companies and Canadian AI companies, and we plan to create a forum for cooperation opportunities such as introducing Canadian companies and arranging meetings for domestic companies that want to meet with Canadian companies. "He said.

Let's summarize the solutions of each company that can be seen at the 'Canada National Pavilion' of AI Expo Korea 2022 and what each company wants to inform through this participation.

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'AI Redefined. AIR'

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'AI Redefined. AIR'

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 ‘AI Redefined. AIR’, which launched the world’s first human-artificial intelligence collaboration open source platform ‘Cogment’ A new artificial intelligence learning method has been established.

AIR is the world's first open source system that designs, trains, and deploys a complex intelligence ecosystem that mixes humans and various types of AI agents.

Cogment is a set of actors (human, AI agent, non-AI agent, or AI agent set). ) can advance collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence in tasks such as pilot training, hybrid vehicle operation, and crisis management by building trust and learning in context.

'AI Redefined. Air’s considered among the Top artificial intelligence companies in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: ‘Antea'

Top artificial intelligence companies: ‘Antea'

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3D modeling for non-destructive testing (NDT) by Antea, a leader in digital transformation for asset integrity management for over 30 years  .

It introduces flexible, risk-driven inspection (RBI-driven inspection) data management software and related digital twin integration solutions for customers in the oil, gas, power and chemical sectors.

Its main businesses include intelligent 3D and 3D visualization, AIM program auditing and reporting, integrated risk-based diagnostic module, integration and remote sensors for legacy systems, and Connected Worker using hands-free voice command remote assistance technology,Platform, asset-Intelligent, RBI-based asset integrity management, etc.

In particular, Lotte Chemical USA introduced Antea's Asset Integrity Management (AIM) software to manage mechanical integrity.

The solution has proven IDM (Inspection Data Management) and robust RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) capabilities.

‘Antea' is considered among the Top artificial intelligence companies in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'BlueDot Inc.

Top artificial intelligence companies: ‘Antea'
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BlueDot provides real-time, market-leading, pandemic intelligence to governments and businesses.

Combining the best of artificial intelligence and talent capabilities, we empower our clients to detect, predict and respond to pandemic risks and make informed public health and business planning decisions.

Its main technology is BlueDot's platform, DaaS Epidemic Intelligence Tool, which is based on machine learning, artificial intelligence-human intelligence, and multiple dedicated computational technologies.

 Makes it possible BlueDot's pandemic intelligence platform is being used by governments and businesses to monitor epidemics, protect populations, and empower informed responses, and integrates into workflows, data visualizations or modelling tools via APIs.

Blue Dot said, "We have already confirmed the product-market suitability and increase in value between Korea's life science and medical industry sectors. situation,.

“Currently, discussions in the life sciences sector and in the Asia Pacific region are demonstrating that BlueDot is well positioned to deliver unique value in these areas, based on its capabilities in digital healthcare and biosurveillance.”

At BlueDot, the goal of participating is to evaluate the suitability of our platform through encounters with Korean customers,” he added.

'BlueDot Inc.' is considered among the Top artificial intelligence a company in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Blumind'

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Blumind'

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Blumind is Canada's leading artificial intelligence semiconductor startup, and its chip products provide edge AI inference, innovatively reducing latency and providing powerful AI performance in IoT, automobile, smart home and smart cities in all environments.

In particular, it provides the industry's first powerful analog artificial neural network processing solution using standard CMOS processing technology as a new approach that does not rely on memory structures by using analog signal processing, in-memory operation, and neuromorphic concepts.

Blue Mind said, "We hope to meet Korean customers and partners suitable for our technology and products through this AI EXPO participation."

"Technology transfer with Korean companies who want to jointly develop and launch products for the global market We want to promote contracts, joint cooperation and other commercial cooperation.”

'Blumind' is considered among the Top artificial intelligence a company in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Braintoy'

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Blumind'

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Braintoy allows you to build, deploy, and manage various models at appropriate scale through its production machine learning platform called mlOS.

Currently, unlike all technologies used in the world, mlOS has a data-independent machine learning pipe (ML Pipe) for all data types such as tabular and natural language processing (NLP, time, time series, etc.).

The platform requires no coding, but coders have full control to personalize all modeling and can be deployed anywhere, in the cloud or on on-premises systems.

The value of this technology is that it enables the use of artificial intelligence across the enterprise at tremendous speed.

What could take months or years can be done in minutes, and what 100 people can do, can be done by one person.

Brain Toy said, "It is to introduce innovative AI implementation and leading mlOS platform to Korean customers.

We are already  working on a joint project for artificial intelligence and value- added manufacturing projects with Germany .

" We expect this will be an opportunity for us to enter new markets .”

'Braintoy' is considered among the Top artificial intelligence a company in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Data Sciences Institute (DSI)'

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Blumind'

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DSI helps companies in finance , manufacturing , real estate , telecommunications , retail , supply chain , and pharmaceutical implement and deploy artificial intelligence machine learning (AI/ML) to aid in decision - making . 

DSI acts as a trusted advisor helping clients grow to their analytical maturity and select the best strategy to solve their  most pressing business challenges . In addition, although it does not own its own intellectual property (IP) , it is recommending and supporting  IPs from DSI partners including Alteryx, DataRobot, and DataWhys .

In this context, DSI seeks to find Korean technology companies to introduce to the Canadian market .

Also , on the contrary , among the technologies of DSI  partners, it links those that will be helpful to Korean companies .   

Currently,  the  AI ​​ecosystem in Montreal , where DSI belongs and is developing, is very competitive, and most of it is centered on deep learning technology .

However, deep learning maintains a black box approach , where predictions are very accurate , but predictions and prescriptions are very difficult to explain .

The lack of understanding and trust leads to numerous deep learning projects and POCs failing or ending in pre- production . 

Therefore , DSI is proposing an algorithm that is easier to interpret to facilitate the understanding of AI/ML and its introduction into actual production environments .

Because these algorithms are transparent and interpretable, they present a human readable business that decision makers can understand and  easily  apply .   

DSI's  major partners include key leaders  in data science : Alteryx , DataRobot, Tableau , DataWhys , Google Cloud Platform), Snowflake , ThoughtSpot, etc.

 “ DSI is seeking new business partnerships with Korean companies who want to introduce their products and services to the Canadian and US markets , ” said DSI .

In either case, we want to find a product or service that sets us apart . ”

'Data Sciences Institute (DSI)' is considered among the Top artificial intelligence companies in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Deeplite'

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Blumind'

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Deeplite, a computer vision AI startup  for edge devices , provides AI acceleration and optimization software to increase the speed, energy efficiency and miniaturization of computer vision AI models.

Deeplite's software solution provides special capabilities for the creation of high-performance deep neural networks for mounting on edge devices such as cameras.

Deeplite is typically large , complex, and power -hungry computer vision AI models .

The limited computing power of the chipset (CPU, MCU , etc. ) makes AI faster, smaller, and more energy-efficient in terms of inference performance, from cloud to edge computing.

In particular, our latest product , Deeplite RunTime ™ , is a high- performance 2- bit quantization runtime for ARM Cortex-A CPUs that accelerates computer vision machine learning inference on edge devices .

The software brings advanced video analytics and computer vision capabilities to cost-effective Arm CPUs , reduces time - to- market , and provides flexible compatibility with existing mobile devices , surveillance cameras and machine vision systems   and low cost hardware solutions compared to custom GPU or NPU hardware designs . 

Deeplite solves the problem of mounting large AI models on increasingly limited -scale devices, and  is a product to complement Deeplite RunTime . Deeplite Neutrino TM , its in -house automated software, can convert inefficient but accurate AI models in size , speed , power and It can be transformed into a consumption - efficient model that can be deployed on the hardware platform of any edge device .

Currently, major customers include LGE ( North America ), Nippon Steel , General Motors , E-SMART, and Samsung SDS .

“With a handful of AI experts who can support  Deeplite ’s market growth and technology collaboration, we will partner with enterprise customers who need to make or accelerate information on our edge devices through AI computer vision. We  hope to be able to see only the first stage of Deeplite , ”he said . 

'Deeplite' is considered among the Top artificial intelligence companies in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Emaww'

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Blumind'

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Emaww is an emotional AI analytics startup for websites that  helps companies attract more customers online with unique, innovative and non-intrusive emotional AI analytics.

Emaww understands the emotions of website visitors simply by tracking their touchscreen device gestures and helps digital marketers and content creators optimize the design and theme of their website to convert customers and increase sales. .

Emaww said , "We learned a lot about the Korean market from the AI​​Couture Hub from October to December 2021 and also got opportunities for Emaww business .

" I hope to meet Korean companies and introduce Emaww . ” 

‘Emaww’ is considered among the Top artificial intelligence companies in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Equality'

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eQualitie is an AI - based cybersecurity  company  focused on privacy , resilience and self - determination that operates , a global website security infrastructure .

North America and Russia show the highest usage .

In particular, in October of last year , it launched Baskerville , a machine learning mitigation technology with real-time security capabilities against botnet attacks on networks .

This solution performs both supervised ( gradient boosting trees) and unsupervised (isolation forest) type machine learning techniques . 

Baskerville analyzes requests in real time in response to web visits and  alerts users who behaving suspiciously .

This product is a production -grade module that is deployed on a Kubernetes cluster (Spark, Kafka, Grafana ) .

“ We developed a machine learning system called Baskerville to evade DDOS Layer 7 attacks .

Now , the next step is to develop a software -as -a-service (SAAS) version with the potential for commercialization and growth, ” said Equality .

"We hope this program will enable us to establish potential partner and investment relationships with leading companies in Asia . "

'Equality' is considered among the Top artificial intelligence a company in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: ‘IOTO’

Top artificial intelligence companies: ‘IOTO’

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IOTO is recognized by Canada's largest media companies for its application of  artificial intelligence to mass media, and is already working with international partners in the US and Europe in the post-prototype stage and pre-commercialization stage.

IOTO also provides datasets and data subscriptions for media assets to help high - quality political content be implemented at low cost . 


IOTO's representative Goverlytics  platform applies AI tools to large- scale government data, making it easier to understand political situations and present them at a lower cost , and how legislation works with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

It provides a powerful, accurate, and easy - to - understand Such policy - oriented explanations can be easily utilized in mass media using standard broadcasting equipment, and shareable small -screen    It can also be produced and distributed as content .

IOTO said, «We are looking for partners in the Korean media industry who are interested in using Goverlytics." We have academic supporters who can provide some basis for applying our technology to Korean politics, including Korean universities “

‘IOTO’ is considered among the Top artificial intelligence a company in Canada.

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Coherent'

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Coherent'

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Qoherent is an intelligent radio technology development start up, whose intelligent radio technology integrates machine learning-based signal processing to create more powerful and recognizable RF communication and sensing systems that outperform traditional wireless systems as a whole.


Qoherent is a data-based solution that finds and analyzes signals such as LTE and 5GNR using machine learning technology for passive detection of RF frequencies.

Design tools to help bridge the knowledge gap between ML domains are included. Currently, he is conducting research on the application of real-time RF problems of quantum machine learning.

Coherent seeks to find customers , research partners  and  strategic investors through this exhibition .

'Coherent' is considered among the Top artificial intelligence a company in Canada.


Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Sarafin AI'

Top artificial intelligence companies: 'Coherent'

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Sarafin AI is a startup specialized in learning management system (LMS) based on artificial intelligence through digital human and is being applied in many industrial sectors.


Currently, the focus is on compliance education and cyber security in the regulated industry sector, enabling digital  humans to speak more than 50 languages ​​and deliver personalized micro-training at scale.

Our main skills are for the personalization of digital educators using AI models (humans) and the evolution of closed -loop education ( that is, our content is always improving and we learn from the mistakes of our trainees ) .

Feedback - Full -Stack Training Management System using learning integrated AI models, video caption production, storyboard production , TTS conversion API , etc.  

We are preparing for the launch of our in house tooling systems.

“Our vision is to grow into a multinational company that uses AI to completely change many aspects of the global learning and development market, ” said SarafinAI .

We are seeking partnerships with companies that will beta-test our cyber security education products , and offer customized anti- money laundering and crypto currency anti- money laundering risk education programs in English for Korean financial institutions .  , French, and Korean , ” he said .

In addition, " We are currently  in the process of attracting $ 2.5 million (about KRW 3 billion) of pre -Series A  investment, and we welcome the participation of interested Korean investors ."

'Sarafin AI' is considered among the Top artificial intelligence a company in Canada.