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Fascinating: ‘Customized cosmetics' with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.


Fascinating: ‘Customized cosmetics' with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Fascinating: ‘Customized cosmetics' with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

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[Opinion News = Correspondent Kim Sol-ah] A tech wind is blowing in the beauty industry. This is because the customized beauty market has grown as more people are doing 'self-management' at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Beauty tech products that incorporate technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are also steadily being released.  
Fascinating: ‘Customized cosmetics' with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

L'Oreal Korea Yves Saint Laurent Beauty's Rouge Sur Méjour. Photo = Yves Saint Laurent Beauty website

Artificial Intelligence: L'Oreal Korea

L'Oreal Korea introduced 'Rouge Sur Méjour', which allows you to instantly make lip products with the color you want, such as the color of a flower you find while walking down the street, or the lipstick color you see in the photo. This is an artificial intelligence-based home beauty makeup device introduced by L'Oreal Korea through Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

L'Oreal explained that it applied 'Personal', a personalized beauty system to Rouge sur Messur. Persona is an artificial intelligence-based personalized cosmetic device developed by L'Oreal's 'technology incubator', a startup within the research and innovation sector. It was introduced at CES2020, the world's largest electronics trade show in 2020.  

Rouge sur Méjour can be used by inserting a set of individually sold red, nude, orange, and pink liquid cartridges into the device. You can choose a color you want by taking a photo with the mobile app, or receive a recommendation from artificial intelligence that considers clothes and skin color. When a color is selected, the device discharges the liquid cosmetics in the cartridge, and when it is mixed, it becomes a lip product of the color selected by the user. Cosmetics are designed to be discharged in a dedicated portable container to enhance convenience.

Fascinating: ‘Customized cosmetics' with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

A US Farouk hair specialist is demonstrating the LG CHI Color Master. Photo courtesy of LG Household & Health Care

LG Household & Health Care: Artificial Intelligence

LG Household & Health Care has also developed a hair dye system that can produce and use desired colors on the fly. It is a smart customized hair dye system 'LG CHI Color Master' that was first introduced in the US market in collaboration with Farouk Systems, a US hair care company. 

Using LG CHI Color Master's artificial intelligence virtual simulation software, it is possible to predict the appearance after dyeing. After the procedure, you can check the appearance in advance with AR (augmented reality) technology. A 'machine learning' technology that accurately distinguishes the areas of the face and hair was also introduced. In addition, more than 30,000 subdivided colors can be created and hair dye can be manufactured in 2 minutes. 

An LG H&H official emphasized, "With this device, hair stylists can not only solve the difficulties of manufacturing hair dye, but also innovatively reduce the manufacturing space."

LG Household & Health Care also announced that it will introduce a mini tattoo printer 'Printly (working title)' in the North American market from the fourth quarter of this year.

The mini printer is manufactured in a size of 10 cm or less and can be used in various ways depending on the desired purpose.

Fascinating: ‘Customized cosmetics' with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Olive Young store image. Photo = Olive Young website

Cj Olive Young:Artificial Intelligence

CJ Olive Young announced on the 1st that it had acquired 'RocketView', a big data-based artificial intelligence startup. 

Rocket View is operating an app called 'Jipgum (Take and Search)' where you can check the lowest price, ingredients, reviews, etc. by photographing a product name at an offline cosmetics store. The core technology is deep learning-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which extracts cosmetic property information and analyzes user data to recommend cosmetics tailored to the individual. 

Olive Young has over 100 million customer purchases per year. It is expected that a sophisticated artificial intelligence recommendation system will be built by combining Olive Young's big data with Rocket View technology.

Fascinating: ‘Customized cosmetics' with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Amorepacific's 'Mind Linked Bathbot'. Photo = Amore Pacific

Meanwhile, Amorepacific won the CES Innovation Award for 'Mind Linked Bathbot' and 'My Skin Recovery Platform' at 'CES 2022' held at the beginning of the year. 

Mindlinked Bathbot is a robot that analyzes human emotions with brain waves and creates a 'bath balm' with scents and colors that match the user's real-time mood. It takes about 2 minutes to make a customized bath bomb.  

My Skin Recovery Platform is a platform that allows you to easily check and monitor the condition of your skin every day with a mobile phone camera and an illuminated mirror. A small sensor can also measure moisture and elasticity in the skin. Artificial intelligence analyzes accumulated skin data and recommends cosmetics.