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Samsung's launched robot, should it still invest? Stock market outlook 'clear'


Samsung's launched robot, should it still invest? Stock market outlook 'clear'

Samsung's launched robot, should it still invest? Stock market outlook 'clear'

Robot-related stocks are showing upward rallies one after another, surging more than 20% in five trading days. At the general shareholders' meeting held on the 16th, when Samsung Electronics (70,700 won ▼ 500 -0.7%) announced that it would foster the robot industry, it is interpreted that the investment demand surged. Experts in the securities industry agree that the future of the robot industry is bright.

◇ Samsung, Yuil Robotics listed for the first time with a single word of “focused investment” is ‘dasang’

According to the Korea Exchange on the 19th, the stock prices of major listed robot companies rose all at once on the 18th the day before. In the KOSDAQ market, Everybot (48,300 won ▲ 4,900 11.29%) surged 11.29%, ending the rise for 5 consecutive days. From the 14th to this day, the stock price of Everybot has risen more than 20%. The share price of Hulim Robot (1,110 won ▲ 80 7.77%) also rose for three consecutive days from the 16th to today, and the rate of increase during that period reached 15.6%. On the 18th, it closed at 1110 won, up 7.77%.

Other robotics companies do the same. Eugene Robot (6,000 won ▲ 50 0.84%) Roborobo (11,650 won ▲ 300 2.64%)

Yuil Robotics, which was listed on the KOSDAQ market on the same day, also recorded a 'dasang' (the upper limit after the opening price doubled from the public offering price) from the first day. Youil Robotics finished the transaction at 26,000 won, up 30% from the initial price (20,000 won). Youil Robotics is a production automation robot total solution company. It started as Yooil System in 2011 and changed its name last year. Major products include orthogonal robots, collaborative robots, and articulated robots.

The recent rise in the share price of robot companies is largely due to the influence of Samsung Electronics, the largest company in Korea. Samsung Electronics (70,700 won ▼ 500 -0.7%)

◇ Robot industry to grow at an average annual rate of 32% until 2025

The robot industry, which Samsung Electronics has decided to focus on, is a field that is rapidly growing in size. According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), from 2015 to 2020, the number of operating industrial robots worldwide grew at an average annual rate of 13%. Currently, 3 million industrial robots are in operation. The IFR predicted that it will grow at an average annual rate of 32% in the future and exceed 211 trillion won by 2025.

Securities industry experts are positive about the performance and stock price of domestic robot companies. Kim Yun-jung, a researcher at eBest Investment & Securities, said, “Samsung Electronics’ new business blueprint is a plan that measures the high scalability and demand for the robot market. and the scope of application of robots based on technological advancement is expanding.”

Kim Tae-hyeon, a researcher at IBK Investment & Securities, said, “The high market growth of service robots that provide all kinds of services in the daily life category is expected.

Accordingly, the inauguration of the new government is expected to bring positive winds to the IT (information technology) and AI (artificial intelligence) industries. In a report titled 'AI Human Supported by the Next Government,' Hana Financial Investment said, "The next government has presented the 'world-class goal of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry' among its core promises." Active investment is expected.”