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BMW released the world's first one-button color-changing car .


BMW released the world's first one-button color-changing car .

BMW released the world's first one-button color-changing car .

, Razer's "Cyber ​​Mask" has been upgraded, and a bunch of weird robots | CES 2022

Today, newer and more interesting new products are coming. From cars, games, to robots, and even this year's hottest metaverse wind, it was unexpectedly ignited at CES.

These diverse new technologies are showing the appearance of our future life.

Color -changing of cars , theaters, and "spaceships"

Cars have been developed for hundreds of years as a means of transportation for people. With the blessing of modern technology, for today's people, cars are not only a means of transportation that is getting faster and faster, but also hope that it will be a fully functional "mobile mobile device". House".

BMW at CES 2022 used "digitalization" to play a lot of new tricks in the car.

Some people think going to a drive-in movie theater is a different kind of romance, but BMW chose to turn the car itself into a "private theater".

BMW announced the "Theatre Screen" at CES, which is a 31-inch 8K display that is almost as wide as the roof of the car, with a ratio of 32:9 and a resolution of about 8000 x 2000 pixels. It can also be used in 16:9 to enjoy a 4K movie while showing other content on both sides.

When the screen needs to be used, it unfolds down from the sunroof and the rear sun visor, so that the environment inside the car is darkened and the display of the screen is more prominent. With Bowers & Wilkins Diamond The surround sound system can restore the effect of the cinema to the greatest extent.

It is worth mentioning that BMW also cooperated with Amazon, built-in Amazon Fire TV, relying on 5G high-speed network, you can play streaming media in the car.

There are concerns that such a large screen would obscure the interior mirrors and interfere with drivers, but many new cars these days are equipped with reversing cameras, and a BMW executive said the concept was "very, very close to production." It seems that this "mobile theater" is not far from us.

In addition to this, BMW also experimented with new digital art.

They have adopted several different interface visual designs, through the change of the pattern on the center console screen, combined with the exclusive sound effects that match the visual effects, bringing a personalized driving experience.

BMW's new digital experience is not only hidden in the car, but also exposed on the body.

BMW has specially designed the pedestrian acoustic warning function (AVAS), which allows pedestrians outside the car to sense the approaching vehicles to ensure driving safety.

But the most eye-catching thing this time is the "color-changing technique" of BMW's new cars.

In BMW's vision, this technology can not only display relevant information about the vehicle's condition on the exterior of the body to meet the user's personalized customization, but also reduce energy consumption——

On hot days, use white to reflect sunlight to keep the interior of the vehicle cool, and on cold days, the body can be turned black to absorb more heat.

The advancement of technology, especially the development of the mobile Internet, has made autonomous driving and electrification gradually become the key words for the development of automobiles.

The InnerSpace concept car shown by Cadillac, a luxury brand under General Motors, at CES 2022 is a combination of the two.

This InnerSpace concept car is quite bold in design, with a streamlined design reminiscent of spaceships in sci-fi movies.

Replacing traditional driving equipment with an automatic driving system expands the passenger space inside the body, and with the curved display that occupies almost the entire center control part, this concept car is more like a comfortable mobile lounge.

In addition to the concept car, Cadillac also unveiled a self-driving bus and an aircraft that can take off and land vertically.

Of course, with current technology, these products, including the InnerSpace concept car, may only stay in the concept part, but Cadillac's CELESTIQ flagship car, which is scheduled to be put into production in 2023, may let us first understand the general automatic Driving technical achievements.

It is understood that the Cadillac CELESTIQ will use the Ultra Cruise system, which is a huge leap forward from General Motors' Super Cruise system.

The CELESTIQ will also have an electronically controlled variable-color sunroof that will be divided into four sections, each of which can be adjusted to a different brightness.

As giants among traditional automakers, Cadillac and BMW displayed different product development ideas at CES 2022, but they share the same vision for the future, as well as changes and transformations.